Introducing NFT for Peace

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It will soon be a month since the war has been raging in Ukraine and the populations have endured the bombardments of their cities.

The whole HiveBuzz team is very affected by these events because we each have acquaintances or friends who live in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, including Russia. This useless war only generates concern and tensions, even sometimes conflicts, between all of us.

From the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, we asked ourselves what we could do to help the civilian populations who were victims of this war.

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Introducing NFT for Peace

You are probably used to receiving badges from @hivebuzz based on your activity on our platform. You usually don't have to do much, or very little, and you get them automatically.

Today, we present to you the first NFT badges that you will be able to buy and by doing so help the victims of the war.

We have designed 3 generic "Peace & Love" badges and a set of badges for each Ukrainian city besieged or threatened by Russian troops. Other cities will be added as the situation evolves and depending on the available time for our designer to create the relative badges.

How to buy your NFT?

Go to https://hivebuzz.me and search for your account.

Click the "Buy" button under any badge you don't already own.

You will be able to:

  • choose the preferred language for your badge (English, Ukrainian or Russian)
  • choose with which asset you want to make your payment
  • choose the level of your badge meaning to choose the level of your contribution to help civilians. The higher this level, the more stars you get on your badge. The acquisition price of your NFT will adapt automatically.

Here is an example of a level 4 Ukrainian language NFT bought using HBD:

Once you are satisfied with your choice, click the "Buy" button. You then only need to confirm your purchase with Keychain Extension.

Note: For now, NFT can only be purchased if you have the Keychain browser extension installed. We will add more payment methods later.

Upon successful purchase, you will receive a confirmation of your transaction and your NFT will be available on your board within minutes.

How will the funds raised be used?

The first thing we would like to clarify is that none of the funds collected by the sale of these NFTs will be attributed to a member of the Hivebuzz team or to any person who has helped in the realization of this initiative.

Each of our team members immediately declined to be paid for their work and asked the wages they deserve to be added to the funds raised!

Now, regarding the use of funds. Since the start of the crisis, we have had regular contact with several people who have decided to stay put to defend their city and their country.

One of them is @zirochka, who ~~lives~~ survives in Kyiv and who gives a lot of her time and energy doing logistics and distribution of materials to help others who remained in place with her.

We would like to share our admiration for the example of courage and dignity she shows every day. We invite you to read the war diary she publishes on her blog. She has been and still is a great source of inspiration and motivation to work for this initiative.

From the very beginning, she agreed without any hesitation with our requirement before any funds transfer:

The money will be used to provide food, medics and utility items, and help to the civilians of assaulted Ukrainian cities. Under no circumstances will it be used to buy weapons, ammunition or military equipment!

That's what we expect from everyone we work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

We imagine that you must have some questions about this initiative and its purpose. Here are a few that we anticipated.

Q: How many NFTs are available?

There is no supply limit. It will be possible to acquire the NFTs as long as the war officially lasts.

Q: How are these NFTs verifiable?

Your purchase transaction and the information contained in its memo are recorded on the blockchain and constitute your proof of ownership.

Q: Are these NFTs transferable or tradable?

No. The purpose of this initiative is to help others, not to allow some to generate profit.

Q: Do you truly believe you will restore peace by selling NFTs?

Of course not, we are not so utopian. But if the money we collect can bring a few moments of comfort to the people we help, it will already be a big victory.

Q: What guarantee do you have that the money will not be used for military purposes?

To be honest, none other than the word given by the people we are in contact with and the trust we place in them. But it is a postulate that we make because it is for us what defines humanity. We can only grow and survive collectively by trusting each other.

Thank you for your help and support

We would like to thank the following people for their help and invaluable support

  • @detlev for beta-testing, feedback, and bringing new ideas while brainstorming about the project,
  • @louis88 for the german translation,
  • @victoriabsb for the Spanish translation,
  • @rollie1212, for providing advice about Ukrainian cities and monuments,
  • @captaink for having sensitively captured and reproduced the emotion of the cities and their situation with the design of the NFTs (he brought tears to our Ukrainian friends),
  • @raphaelle for supporting @arcange's ups and downs and bringing him gallons of tea so he could hold on.

One last word

Despite the fact that the latter days were really difficult for her and the state of stress and fatigue in which she is currently, here are a few words @zirochka managed to write for you:


One way or another, we are already involved in this war. The whole world, not just Ukraine. We all want to finish it as soon as possible.

This is a real chance to help peaceful, civilian victims of the war who have the right to live! People who have lost loved ones, a roof over their heads or livelihoods. People who have a place to live but can't help themselves because they are paralyzed by panic and fear. Children who have lost their parents or need medication.

Thanks for helping us to make this step towards peace together!