The Hive Gamification Proposal for 2022

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2 years ago - 4 minutes read

Our current proposal is slowly coming to an end and we invite you to renew your support to our project for the next year.

What is Hivebuzz?

HiveBuzz is a project that is designed to bring gamification to the Hive blockchain by:

  • tracking users' activity and achievements
  • notifying them of their progress
  • organizing contests and challenges
  • interacting personally with users

Users are awarded with virtual badges that reward them when they are active on the Hive blockchain or when they participate in a contest or challenge.

Users can check their achievements on the HiveBuzz Website and look up their ranking to compare themselves to others on the Ranking page.

The HiveBuzz project has been initiated 5 years ago by @arcange, a now renowned actor of the Hive ecosystem. HiveBuzz is one of the oldest projects on the platform that is still alive, and from the very beginning, it has been much appreciated and receives very positive feedback and support from the whole Hive community every day.

Work done

The year 2021 was rich in novelties despite some difficulties encountered with this damn covid.

We created the brand new Hive Tour to familiarize new users in a fun and interactive fashion with the way our blockchain and its ecosystem operate.

We then made several additions to help them discover:

We have created several new badges for calendar events like

And last but not least the Hive Birthday badge for users being on the Hive blockchain for 5 years.

We made some of these badges available on our shop where you can customize and put them on your favorite items.

We supported and participated in the first edition of Spanish Community Meetup, an awesome success with more than 140 participants and renowned speakers.

As each year, we have been actively adding fun things to HiveFest⁶ with the attendee badge, the meetings contest and by being present at the event thanks to the virtual reality.


These three acronyms have also gained their fame.

We animate the Power Up Day every 1st day of the month. We see each time appear many publications about it, even outside our ecosystem, on twitter in particular.

The Power Up Helper, introduced last year confirms each month how supportive the Hive community is for newcomers. In April, we started supporting users who regularly attend Power Up Day with Hive Power delegations.

The Power Up Month is an additional challenge we introduced a few months ago to raise the bar a bit! A challenge which, despite its very simple rules, turned out to be much more difficult to succeed than expected since, as of writing, only 50 Hive users managed to get a PUM badge.

The year is not over yet! We still have a few badges in our bag to end the year on a high note!

Existing proposal renewal

The purpose of this proposal is to renew the current proposal which expires in a few days for the year 2022.

The HiveBuzz project has proven over time to be an excellent motivator and user retention tool. It also helps to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community. All this with a fun and positive approach.

We don't want to stop there and want to be able to continue to infuse these positive values on Hive.

We have many new ideas for next year like:

  • revamp our board design (it's slowly getting a little crowded with all those badges)
  • improve ranking design to provide more meaningful performance indicators.
  • new challenges from our boxes.

We also plan to change a few things of Power Up Day, Power Up Helper and Power Up Month to make it more fun and rewarding.

Finally, next year will be the 2022 FIFA World Cup! Do you remember how we organized it 4 years ago (a one month longh challenge with multiple updates per day to manage, crazy us) and how a blast it was for those who participated!

Request for Funding

With the recent incoming flow of new users on Hive thanks to Splinterlands and other Hive projects' success, we have seen our workload increase drastically, both in terms of infrastructure costs and human resources.

The number of active users has exploded compared to the beginning of the year and we now manually process more than 2,500 replies every month in a personalized way (it doubled compared to January 2020).

Our servers are also much more called upon to provide information since we opened our API and we recently had to upgrade our infrastructure for more storage and better performances.

Considering the elements mentioned above, we are asking for 190 HBD per day.

1. Infrastructure ($750/month)

  • servers (web, processes, database and storage)
  • security and monitoring
  • maintenance and backups services

2. Graphic Design and Web Development (2 persons - $2500/month)

  • Creation of new challenges and contests with prizes to win
  • Design and implementation of new badges
  • New features like footer creator, badge creator, contest creator, …

3. Communication and Community management (2 persons - $2500/month)

  • Daily interaction with users
  • Communication around new badges, challenges, contests and features
  • Translation management (we do our best to support all languages on Hive)
  • Events organization
  • Guiding starters

We are committed to keeping you informed about our activities, and as we did during the previous funding, we will do a regular report of the work carried out and project status.

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