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It's no secret that onboarding users is one of the keys to Hive's success. But newcomers can feel a bit lost at the beginning of their journey.

We thought a step by step tour of the Hive ecosystem was needed to show new users each feature, and familiarize them with the way our blockchain operates in a more interactive fashion.

This is why we've put together a new feature on our HiveBuzz site, to guide them in a fun and helpful way.

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Introducing the new Hive Tour

Check your board on hivebuzz.me to see the new tab we've added for each user.

How is the tour organized?

On the left side, you have a tree with all the "Stages" and "Steps" to be completed.

On the right side, there is a panel with the description of the item you've selected.

Note: If you are on mobile, click on the small question mark that appears next to each item and a popup with the description will be displayed.

Stages are a group of steps

In this example, this stage contains 3 steps, and none of them have been completed.

A step can be either:

  • active, meaning you can accomplish it whenever you want
  • locked, because you need to accomplish other stages before

In the above screenshot, the first one is activated and waiting for you to be completed. The second one is locked because you have to complete the previous one before it can be accessed. Same for the third one, which requires the two previous stages to be completed.

Each completed step will appear green and checked. When the whole stage is completed, it will turn green as well.

If a stage is partially completed, it will show you how many steps are left undone

NOTE: HiveBuzz doesn't process achievements in real-time. It does its work of collecting data and updating your steps and stages every hour. This should not prevent you from continuing to interact with the blockchain and complete other pending steps.

Available tour stages

We've released social stages first, designed to get you acquainted with your profile and the community.

Each step will help you set up your Hive profile, connect with the community, and understand the basics of the social aspects of the Hive ecosystem.

Here's the list of stages that we are releasing today:

  1. Configuring your profile
  2. Introducing yourself
  3. Engaging with people 3.1 Curation 3.2 Having a productive conversation 3.3 Reblogs 3.4 Following and Followers

There are more stages and steps that are ready to be released in the coming days, but we want to do this at a slow enough pace that we can take your feedback into account as we go. The goal is to make this Tour experiment as fun and motivating as possible for everyone.

What if you're an established Hive member?

Of course, with this new feature, the focus is put on people unfamiliar with our ecosystem. If you are a long time Hive user, chances are your tour is all green at the moment.

However be sure to check out our upcoming releases, as we may add things you don't know about Hive or features you've never used before.

What's next?

This is an early release and we still have many ideas we haven't fully implemented yet, including:

  • adding more social stages
  • the addition of finance, governance and other technical stages
  • the inclusion of links in the description pane to mini-tutorials

We also plan to add even more gamification in the future (yes, new badges are being considered), so stay tuned!

Feedback welcome

Let us know what you like or dislike and we will do our best to improve it. Any suggestions and constructive feedback are more than welcome.

Drop a comment or come talk with us on our dedicated Discord channel.

The HiveBuzz Team