HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Collect badges and win prizes - More than 7000 HIVE to win

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The World Cup 2022 will kick off soon!

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The World Cup is a global event that brings together people from all over the world around a sporting competition well known to all.

It only takes place every 4 years and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have fun all together by organizing our own competition in which all members of the community can participate.

Therefore, the @hivebuzz team has prepared a fun contest that will last for the whole duration of the World Cup and will allow you to collect badges and maybe win some HIVE or other prizes!

The contest is open to everyone, whether you're a football fan or not, and we've made the entry process and rules as simple as possible.

Check the Word Cup 2022 tab on your board

Go to HiveBuzz website and type your name to access your board.

You will notice there is a new Word Cup 2022 tab which contains a badge for each match of the competition.

Your goal is to collect as many badges as possible among the 64 available!

How to participate?

1. Register for the contest

You need to register for the contest by sending 1 HIVE to @hivebuzz.pool with the memo worldcup2022. This is a one-time registration to avoid the contest being screwed up by bots. It will be added to the prize pool so you might get it back at the end of the contest if you are lucky or smart enough ;)

You can enter the competition at any time and the sooner you register and play the more chances you have of winning a bigger prize.

2. Make your bet for each match

Each World Cup game is represented by a badge on your board. You can click on it to see information about the match, including when it starts.

Note the presence of the red lock which indicates that bets for this match are not yet open.

@hivebuzz will publish a post for each match and unlock the badge 24 hours before the match begins.

From this moment, bets will be open and you can place yours.

Under each post, @hivebuzz will create up to 3 comments like:

  1. Team "A" win
  2. Team "B" win
  3. Tie

PS: The 3rd comment (TIE) will only be present during the group phase.

What you need to do is to cast a vote on the comment that corresponds to the result you expect for the match.


  • The match Qatar vs Ecuador is scheduled 2022-11-20 at 16:00 UTC time

  • On 2022-11-19 at 16:00 UTC, @hivebuzz will unlock the badge on your board and publish a post “World Cup Contest - Qatar vs Ecuador” with 3 comments: “QAT - Qatar win” “ECU - Ecuador win” “TIE - no winner”

  • If you think Qatar will win, upvote the first comment. If you think Ecuador will win, upvote the second comment. If you think the result will be a tie, upvote the last comment.

Each time you successfully guessed a match result, the related badge on your board will light up!

What reward can you receive?

The prize pool will be split among participants using the following rules:

1st place: 20% of the prize pool 2nd place: 10% of the prize pool 3rd place: 5% of the prize pool

The rest of the prize pool will be distributed among all the participants in proportion to the number of badges they collected and the total of successful bets from the participants.

Example: All participants (except the first 3 winners) collected 1000 badges You have successfully guessed 34 match results. You will receive 34/1000th of the rest of the prize pool.

How are the winners determined?

When the competition is over, we will count the number of badges collected by each participant. The more badges you have collected, the higher your place in the ranking.

In the event of a tie between the top players, the winner will be the one who first collected all his badges. This means that badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final.


  • Player A collected 10 badges during the group phase
  • Player B collected 9 badges during the group phase and 1 for the final Therefore Player A will be the winner.

If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the guess time (upvote) of the players will decide, the winner being the first to have made their guess (upvote).

Contest Global Rules

  • For each match:
  1. Vote for your preferred team BEFORE the match begins (official time).
  2. Only one vote will be taken into account. Changing your vote weight, deleting your vote, or voting for a different outcome all generate a new vote and you will be disqualified from the match. Think twice before casting your vote!
  • Votes cast after the scheduled start time of the match will be rejected.

IMPORTANT: HiveBuzz will use UTC date and time to validate when you cast your vote. Therefore, check your timezone and convert your local time to UTC before voting!

Thank you to our sponsors

The prize pool would not have reached the amount of more than 6500 HIVE without the generosity of our sponsors:

|Gold sponsors|Silver sponsors|Bronze sponsors| |-|-|-| | @arcange @leofinance @threespeak @wrestorgonline| @ausbitbank @brianoflondon @disregardfiat @roelandp|@hivebuzz @keychain|

We also have sponsors who make a contribution other than directly adding HIVE to the prize pool:


  • Post about the world cup in the World Cup 2022 community
  • Set @hivebuzz.pool as a 50% beneficiary If you follow the above rules, @ocd will upvote your post. It's all beneficial for everyone since you receive a bigger payout and the possibility of having a bigger prize at the end of the contest as half of the author's reward goes into the prize pool.


  • 4000 DOOM gaming tokens that will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool.
  • A Mythic Packs (valued at $26 each) for the top 3 winners and a Starter Packs (valued at $4.5 each) for the next 10 winners.


  • 50,000 Ecency Points that will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool. You can them for tipping/transferring, promoting and boosting content on Ecency.


  • 30,000 CROP tokens will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool.

  • 100 dCrops BETA edition packs (each priced at $3) will be distributed among the top 93 participants as follows 1st place: 5 packs 2nd place: 3 packs 3rd place: 2 packs 4th to 93th place: 1 pack Each pack contains 3 NFTs which you can use to play dCrops and earn CROP tokens.


  • 250 SOULS tokens will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool.

  • 245 Infernal Coliseum V2 packs (each valued on average $1.5) will be distributed among the top 200 participants as follows: 1st place: 10 packs 2nd place: 9 packs 3rd place: 8 packs 4th place: 7 packs 5th place: 6 packs 6th place: 5 packs 7th place: 4 packs 8th place: 3 packs 9th place: 2 packs 10th to 200th place: 1 pack


  • 150 avatar packs from their second set (valued at $2 each). They are collectible and utility NFTs that work in all their ecosystem. Avatars packs will be distributed as follows: 1st place: 5 packs 2nd place: 3 packs 3rd place: 2 packs 4th to 136th place: 1 pack

  • 100 FACTORIES from the Farming Wars presale, each is sold at $1.25. FACTORIES will be distributed as follows: 1 FACTORY for each top 100 players


  • 10,000,000 SPORTS tokens will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool.

Many of our sponsors are witnesses too, therefore kindly consider supporting them if you have a spare vote!

Have fun and good luck to all participants!