HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of the Final

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

Yesterday we announced a spectacular final and a rise in heart rate. I don't think we were disappointed by this World Cup final.

What an incredible final: the crushing domination of Argentina in the first half and the unexpected comeback of France with its 2 goals in a few minutes. It was the same during overtime.

Too bad it was necessary to decide between the two teams with the goal scoring. And that's where Argentina made the difference.

But what a world cup we had. And what a fantastic contest we will have had as well. For the last time here are the results after this last day.


We had 531 registered participants who will share the 7052 HIVE from the prize pool.

Matches - Knock-out phase

|Teams|Valid bets|Team A|Tie|Team B|Winner| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |Netherlands vs United States|161|127|0|34|Netherlands| |Argentina vs Australia|221|202|0|19|Argentina| |France vs Poland|382|348|0|34|France| |England vs Senegal|377|340|0|37|England| |Japan vs Croatia|385|187|0|198|Croatia| |Brazil vs Korea Republic|386|372|0|14|Brazil| |Marocco vs Spain|379|42|0|337|Marocco| |Portugal vs Switzerland|396|351|0|45|Portugal| |Croatia vs Brazil|368|24|0|344|Croatia| |Netherlands vs Argentina|373|102|0|271|Argentina| |Marocco vs Portugal|363|51|0|312|Marocco| |England vs France|374|95|0|279|France| |Agentina vs Croatia|353|252|0|101|Agentina| |France vs Marocco|375|310|0|65|France| |Croatia vs Marocco|283|167|0|116|Croatia| |Argentina vs France|349|238|0|111|Argentina|

PS: You can check the results of all group stage matches in this post.

Contest distribution and ranking

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:

|badges|owners|badges|owners| |-|-|-|-| |41| 3 |20|11| |40| 3 |19|7| |39| 4 |18|7| |38|12|17|10| |37|12|16|5| |36|20|15|7| |35|23|14|6| |34|37|13|6| |33|22|12|6| |32|26|11|3| |31|39|10|2| |30|38|9|3| |29|20|8|9| |28|26|7|1| |27|23|6|6| |26|17|5|8| |25|14|4|7| |24|10|3|6| |23|12|2|7| |22|13|1|11| |21| 5|||

And here are the top 25 players

|Rank|Name|Badges| |-|-|-| |1| @soluce07|41| |2| @onlyhive|41| |3| @andyblack|41| |4| @jats-0|40| |5| @mk992039|40| |6| @viniciotricolor|40| |7| @furiousfighter|39| |8| @lazybug|39| |9| @stewie.wieno|39| |10| @sodom-lv|39| |11| @arc7icwolf|38| |12| @azj26|38| |13| @bigbanginfinity|38| |14| @bonobogologolo|38| |15| @goliathus|38| |16| @mcoinz79|38| |17| @speedtuning|38| |18| @thedoc07|38| |19| @vasilev89|38| |20| @cajiro|38| |21| @javierariascbb|38| |22| @flquin|38| |23| @bombus|37| |24| @engilhramn|37| |25| @guurry123|37|

Final result of our contest

We would like to point out that the above displayed results are considered temporary, even if it is very likely that they will not change.

Indeed, in order to avoid any dispute, we will now scrupulously recheck all the bets made during our competition and once these have been validated we will publish the official final results with the prizes won by each participant.

We hope that we can complete this task tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Until then, we are all going to take a few hours of well-deserved rest to recover from our emotions.

See you soon!

If you are not listed above, you can check the Ranking Page to find out how far you are from the top.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

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