HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Round of 16 - Recap of Day 2

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Here are the results of the second day of the knockout phase

Finally, a day with expected results confirmed in the field. The majority of participants in our competition must be relieved at the end of this first day of the round of 16. PS: text copy/pasted/edited from yesterday ;)

After the crazy days of the group stage, will we be doomed to duller days from now on, hence our lazy copy/paste above? This day was quite expected in terms of results and was easy to predict. Would the surprises be over in this World Cup? Hmm, tomorrow could see their return... we'll see...

Meanwhile, France and England have qualified for the quarter-finals.


We now have 528 registered participants who will share the 7049 HIVE from the prize pool.

If you want to join and participate, please read the announcement and the contest rules here before making your bet!

Matches - Knock-out phase

|Teams|Valid bets|Team A|Tie|Team B|Winner| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |Netherlands vs United States|161|127|0|34|Netherlands| |Argentina vs Australia|221|202|0|19|Argentina| |France vs Poland|382|348|0|34|France| |England vs Senegal|377|340|0|37|England|

PS: You can check the results of all group stage matches in this post.

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:

|badges|owners|badges|owners| |-|-|-|-| |32| 2|16|13| |31| 9|15|10| |30|18|14|11| |29|17|13|5| |28|40|12|6| |27|40|11|6| |26|38|10|2| |25|35|9|3| |24|37|8|9| |23|39|7|5| |22|27|6|8| |21|20|5|8| |20|26|4|6| |19|11|3|8| |18|14|2|6| |17|11|1|13|

Here are the top 25 players. Remember that the sooner you make your bets, the higher you will find yourself in the ranking compared to other players who have the same score as you.

|Rank|Name|Badges| |-|-|-| |1| @soluce07|32| |2| @onlyhive|32| |3| @bonobogologolo|31| |4| @furiousfighter|31| |5| @jats-0|31| |6| @loonatic|31| |7| @mk992039|31| |8| @viniciotricolor|31| |9| @javierariascbb|31| |10| @sodom-lv|31| |11| @andyblack|31| |12| @akinolawilly|30| |13| @ashikstd|30| |14| @axel-mccornstack|30| |15| @azj26|30| |16| @goliathus|30| |17| @justfavour|30| |18| @kpreddy|30| |19| @lazybug|30| |20| @mcoinz79|30| |21| @speedtuning|30| |22| @stewie.wieno|30| |23| @vasilev89|30| |24| @kenechukwu97|30| |25| @h3m4n7|30|

As for the intro, there is not much to say today. No change in the top of the ranking given the ease of prediction.

The first three are always the same. Congratulations to @soluce07, @onlyhive and @bonobogologolo.

See you tomorrow.

If you are not listed above, you can check the Ranking Page to find out how far you are from the top.

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