World Cup Contest - New Sponsor - LeoFinance joins the party with 1000 more HIVE!

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7 months ago - 1 minutes read

We told you, everyone wants to be part of the adventure. Since the announcement of the HiveBuzz World Cup 2022 Contest 3 days ago, many people have contacted us to become a sponsor of this initiative.

What is certain is that we are going to have a good time and that the competition for the top places is likely to be fierce because the stakes are higher and higher.

After @ecency the day before yesterday and @dcrops yesterday, it is a major Hive actor that joins us today.


Following our previous successful collaboration for the Leo Power Up Day, we are pleased to announce that @leofinance is an additional sponsor and they added no less than 1000 HIVE to the prize pool.

This brings the current amount of HIVE contributed by sponsors to 5518 HIVE! It's absolutely awesome!

We're excited to see how much the people and projects on Hive are supporting this initiative so that as many users as possible can benefit from it.

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a Web3 ecosystem that develops and manages a wide range of Hive-based applications and social media platform for crypto and finance content.

Check their website at https://leofinance.io or install their mobile app.

Thank you @leofinance, @leogrowth, @khaleelkazi and @anomadsoul for your support and this great collaboration.

Have fun and good luck to all participants!