Update For Regular Content Creators - New Yearly Author Badge

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

Since its creation, the HiveBuzz project has aimed to support users' engagement on the Hive platform. With this in mind, we created two badges that reward those who are committed and publish their posts on a regular basis:

The Weekly Author

This badge is awarded to regular authors. You can earn this badge each time you publish a post every day of the week.

The Monthly Author

This badge is awarded to very regular authors. You can earn this badge each time you publish a post every day of the month.

New Yearly Author Badge

Many have asked us for it. It is now ready for next year.

This is a badge that will be difficult to earn and which will require unfailing commitment. According to our statistics, only a few Hive users could claim to deserve it.

But, to keep everyone on the same starting line and although the badge is already visible on your board, HiveBuzz will only track your posts from the January 1, 2023.

On your marks! Get ready for next year and get your best posts out of the way because a year is a long time and the slightest oversight will deprive you of this reward.

Remember we use UTC

To find out if you are entitled to receive a Yearly Author badge and validate when you published your post, Hivebuzz uses the time of the blockchain which is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)!

If you post at the wrong time, i.e. taking into account your local time or way of considering weeks, you may miss both badges and will have to wait till the next Monday or month to be able to earn your coveted badge.

These particularities in the validation rules have led to many users contacting us to ask us why they have not received their badges.

Track your progress

To help authors know if they're still on track to earn their awards, there are progress indicators below each of these badges:

They will let you know how many days you published a post this week, month, or year.

If the gauge is green, it indicates that you are on your way to earning the badge. If the gauge is red, it means you missed one or more days, or you still haven't posted today.

Good luck to everyone with this new challenge. We are curious to see how many users will be regular enough and will manage to obtain this reward.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Stay committed!

Support our proposal

Our current funding proposal expires end of 2022 and we would really like to be able to continue to entertain and motivate you next year.

If you have not already done so, support our proposal renewal (#248)!

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