Investing On Hive (Sidechains) Post 16: A Lot Of Time Away

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Hive Investing
@hiveinvest2 months ago
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Hive Engine (Hive Sidechain) Investments


For a few reasons, I am going to be simplifying these posts into screenshots of my balances so that the Growth over Time (GoT as I wish to call it.) will be far easier to observe. I'm also finding that it's meticulous to try and keep track of the actual earnings effectively and accurately when I am rounding to a fraction of a decimal and I prefer as accurate as possible in numerical circumstances!

I'm also gathering that a lot of people don't care to endlessly scroll about someone else's earnings, but rather would prefer a quick rundown. Hence, this post being much more simple! Hopefully this will be easier for people to see the growth of without needing to scroll a ton or read about my personal opinions on currencies of various sorts.