Happy 3rd Birthday Hive - And also to Napoleon II and Rachmaninoff the composer !

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2 months ago - 1 minutes read

Wow - 3 years old - happy birthday to Hive !!! Its great to see that HIVE is blossoming with more apps and utilities coming out all the time - seems like a great time to be alive with HIVE !

Xy3KxP3uSGimsnjklg8EMA.jfif [Credit - this is a photo of the birthday card my dad sent me on my birthday last tuesday ! - copy right Simon Elvin. My Dad obviously thinks I'm still 12 !]

Many thanks to @theycallmedan for organising a birthday event ! I've made my power-up:

230320 HIVE 3rd Birthday.png

And did you know that Hive also shares a birthday with:

  • The Roman poet Ovid, born in 43 BC,
  • Princess Cecily of York, born in 1469,
  • Napoleon II, born in 1811,
  • And the fantastic composer Rachmaninoff born in 1873.

Its great to see Hive keeping some great company !!!

Anyway - 3 years is fantastic, heres looking forward to many more. Hope you all have a great week - and best of luck with winning a birthday delegation !!!

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