HPUD Looflirpa - won the lottery and powered up 10,000 HIVE !!!!!

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2 months ago - 1 minutes read

Cant believe its the 1st of April ! And what a day ! I won on a lottery scratch card, and decided that the best investment was to power it up for HPUD !

IMG_4064small.jpg [A seagull trying to nick our chips at Portree Harbour, Isle of Skye - years ago]

Its entirely unbelievable, like it never happened - this type of luck never happens to me.

And have you figured out what looflirpa means yet ?? Try reading it backwards.

Oh well - it was only 10 HIVE that I really powered up:

230401 HPUD.png

I did say it never happens to me - because it hasnt !

However, if I did win $10k on the lottery - what would I do with it ?

Well, if I was going to invest it, I'd have to be honest and say that it would be pretty hard to look past sinking it in HBD at a cool 20% APR !

Anyway - back to HPUD - why try HPUD:

  • Grow your HP so that you have better curation rewards,
  • Can provide better upvotes to your fav posts,
  • Adding to personal "savings" for a rainy day if needed,
  • Great HIVE community event to join in with and celebrate,
  • And the chance to win a nice prize in the HPUD giveaways.

Well best of luck if you are joining in with HPUD - and sorry for the prank, but it had to be done.

Cheers !

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