Saturday Savers Club - My stacking targets for 2023 - including HP, EDS, SPI, LEO and SPS

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Ooft 2023 already - its got to be better than 2022 right (I bloomin hope so) !!!

Around April last year I was lucky enough to find the Saturday Savers Club which is run by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver on the @eddie-earner account. Its been great at helping me focus on stacking over the year ! The members have been super supportive and have provided a ton of tips and advice which really propelled my stacking outcome well beyond what I would have thought possible at the start of 2022.

Just to illustrate - I started on the Hive blockchain at the end of Nov 2021, and had an account worth $7 on the 1st of Jan 2022 ! By the end of Dec 2022 I had stacked 3469 HP, along with a ton of other coins and tokens. Quite incredible really. It was a massive learning trip over the year, but one that I really enjoyed.

Targets for 2023

So now looking to 2023, I want to build on what I have learned and stacked in 2022, and do even better ! The following table presents my targets:

2023 targets.png

  • My primary focus is HP, for me its so central to the Hive blockchain that it has to be my main focus, and 10K sounds like a lovely round figure (although it is based on a plan - see below),
  • My secondary targets are all layer 2 coins that provide HIVE income, and hence contribute to my primary target, hence providing some nice synergy,
  • My tertiary targets are some other things I have working in the background, although I wont be providing reporting or updates on those (just the primary and secondary targets),
  • The others - these are some other items that may come into the plan depending on a number of factors (see plan section for more details).

Plan for 2023

Its great to have targets, but for me they need to be realistic and based on a credible delivery plan - so here goes:

Primary Target - HIVE Power (+6531 growth) - Plan:

  • My main source of growth will be regular posting (atleast daily). The aim will to be to provide consistent content that attracts good up-votes, but also keeps me interested (so travel, savings/investments and architecture then !!). My 12 week moving average weekly post rewards is 158 Hive. If I can keep that up (which wont be easy) it would out turn at 8216 (which I can hardly believe having just calculated it). However, if the price of HIVE recovers towards or above $1, then that will drop considerably, but its a good basis to proceed on,
  • In addition I have curation income. My 12 week moving average weekly curation rewards stand at 1.32 HP/week, and should hence provide a further 70 HP or so over the year ! Not much, however, it should also grow as my HP stack grows, and it all counts,
  • And then I get Hive income via other sources like the coins noted in my secondary targets. Currently my 12 week moving average weekly HIVE income from other sources stands at 3.907, or 203 HIVE per year. Again, this should grow (a little) noting that I also plan to increase the holdings of the tokens that provide that passive income,
  • I also partake in HBD:HIVE trading. Its hard to estimate the income from this, but conservatively I think I could gain 1000 HP from that (although I could completely screw it up too - so we'll see how this pans out !),
  • And now that I've listed all of the above items and projected them forward, the target to hit 10K actually feels maybe a bit low. However, I'll stick with it for now and see how things go for the next few months as many things could change and derail it - but obviously I will be shooting for higher.

Secondary Targets Plan:

  • EDS (+76 growth) - I currently have 103 EDSMMs which provide a nice regular income in EDS, but probably not enough the achieve the target, but I plan to simply buy some extra EDS as I go along. Even purchasing just 1 a week combined with my EDSMMs will probably get me there or close enough, so that feels quite achievable,
  • DHEDGE (+83 growth) - I get passive income in DHEDGE from holding DHEGDE, ARCHON and ALIVE. Those alone should provide most of this target, and I'll just buy any shortfall. Its not a massive target, so it should be easy to hit,
  • ARCHON (+134 growth) - I get passive income in ARCHON from holding DHEDGE, ARCHON and ARCHONM. I think using the #archon tag appropriately in posts may also help. Again, my target for this is not massive, and if there is a shortfall I'll just buy the rest I need,
  • SPI (+97 growth) - I've taken up the opportunity of writing posts for the SPinvest account, which should start shortly, and should that all work out (which is the plan !), then I will achieve the planned growth mostly through that, noting that they award 5 SPI per article written, so its a good opportunity (see any of the latest saturday savers club posts for more details) - so this should be quite feasible as long as I do a good job and write atleast one article month !!!

Tertiary Targets Plan - as above, I will not be reporting on these in my weekly updates

  • LEO (+1800 growth) - I will achieve this by joining in on LPUD each month and staking the 150 LEO necessary. I will gain the LEO required each month via the HP I have delegated to @leo.voter (I currently have 1758 HP delegated), along with income from delegating my LEO to @india-leo, and also the odd payouts I get from posting and commenting on Leofinance. My HP and LEO delegations are already enough to earn the 150 LEO needed each month for that, so I'm pretty confident on hitting this target, and if I begin to struggle, I'll just delegate some more HP to @leo.voter,
  • SPS (+921 growth) - I will gain this via the SPS I have staked and also via the DEC:HIVE and VOUCHER:HIVE pools. I should already have enough staked and in the pools to achieve this, also noting that I will compound any SPS payouts by re-staking which will also help, and also add any VOUCHER gained from SPS staking back into the VOUCHER:HIVE pool. So again I'm confident of hitting this target by just letting what I already have in place do its job,
  • VOUCHER (+71 growth) - Similar to the line above this will come from SPS staking. I may have been a little optimistic in calculating how much my current SPS stake will give me, and if thats the case I'll purchase any shortfall if needed, but it should not be too far out,
  • DEC Value of Splinterlands Cards (+3853 DEC) - I rent out all of the splinterlands cards I have. I dont have a huge amount of value in there, but I love buying the cards, and I'll simply re-invest all rental income back into more cards to rent out. This figure should be fairly achievable based on my current rental income. However, if I dont hit it, I'm unlikely to do anything about it - it will be what it will be.

'Others' Plan:

These are other tokens that I have my eye on, but am not quite sure about what I'll do about them:

  • HBD - the 20% APR on HBD is very hard to ignore, however, I'm not keen on buying into HBD at the moment when the price of HIVE is so low. However, if the price of HIVE goes back above $1 then I will absolutely be buying back into HBD as much as I can. So if that happens then I will set an HBD target at that point, which may also affect my HP target (it might lower it),
  • BRO - This is another token that provides a HIVE passive income. I'm considering researching it more and potentially delegating HP to provide a BRO income, which will in turn then begin to bring in a passive HIVE income. However, I've not fully checked it out yet and not done the maths to figure out how much, etc. So this is speculative at this moment,
  • EDSMMs - I really like these and I've just seen that the last tranche of 12500 has been released for sale and is getting snapped up quite quickly (there is only 6481 left at the time of writing this post). So I'm not sure if I will be able to pick up as much as I'd want in the time left. However, they do also come up for sale now and again from individuals selling them, so I'll probably aim to dip in and see if I can pick any other spare EDSMMs up through the year if they become available - so hence its hard to set a specific target for this, but I expect and hope to get some more.

So thats my targets and plan for 2023. Sorry its all a bit wordy, so heres a nice pic to spice it up !!!

lA9e1hQmTuyE3ysZhGzzg.jfif [Its a statue on a bridge in Rome just outside Castel Sant Angelo that I snapped when we were there in October - hopefully I wont be needing divine inspiration to achieve my targets as this pic may suggest, but instead it represents travel for me, and thats what I like posting about !]

Why ?

And then lastly to 'the why'. My crypto investing journey, along with other non-crypto investments is all building towards our retirement, which my wife and I are hoping to do in around 4 to 5 years. So we are very much in accumulation mode, with the aim of having passive income streams available from a number of investment options when the time comes. Crypto is just one of those potential passive income streams (heres hoping !!!!).

Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck with your targets and plans for 2023, and I look forward to reading your posts on progress, tips and advice each week in the saturday savers club if you are an active member. And just to add, I will upvote and tip all weekly links shared in the comments of the weekly saturday savers post - so make sure you do share your links !!!!

Get stacking everyone !!!!!


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