Saturday Savers Club Progress #week 31 - 22/10/22 - buying VOUCHER and ARCHON, and generally making good progress

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7 months ago - 4 minutes read

Its week 31 of my savings focus, working with the Saturday Savers Club which I think is a great Hive community initiative.

Weekly Progress Summary

  • My Hivestats weekly author reward sits at +98.36 HP which is well above my 12 week rolling average HP weekly income of 58.5 HP - pretty happy with that. To hit my year end 2500 HP target I need 44.3 HP per week, so happy on that front as well,
  • My hivestats weekly curation reward sits at + 1.28HP so quite similar to last weeks +1.3 HP,
  • My 30 day moving average LEO income generation stands at +7.44 LEO (223/month) which is great as it has held above my target of generating +6.66/day which will bring in 200/month. However, it will likely dip a little, but I have a few more weeks worth of HP delegation to make which should then solidify above 6.66/day, at which point I will be happy,
  • I am continuing to focus on Splinterlands DEC income through card rental and pools. Its been a poor week on rental income so I put all DEC gains this week into the HIVE.SWAP:DEC pool,
  • The Hive:DEC pool is currently reporting a nice 52.33% APR and HIVE:VOUCHER is at 74.37%. I've added to both this week,
  • WOO staking stands at 143.52% which is also quite nice !!!,
  • I bought VOUCHER (+3.5) and ARCHON (+25) from the market this week to help towards their short term goals.

Key highlights were

  • I gained +46 HP and am still on track to hit 2500 by the end of the year but will need to keep working at it to make sure it happens,
  • Although I didnt buy any splinterlands cards this week, I won about 7 in giveaways !,
  • I also won a small WOO giveaway which is great while the staking APR is so high,
  • I caught a few trades this week with HIVE being so low (selling HBD) - not big gains, but gains,
  • I gained +1.09 EDS, +0.26 DHEDGE, +3.2 ARCHON, +51 WOO, +5 PIZZA, +45 ALIVE, +0.097 ALIVEM, +85 CTP, +13 LUV, +9 PGM, +39 LOLZ, +64 FUN, +909 DEC, +135 SPT, +1 SPS and +61 LEO via staking, giveaways, passive income, curation and or tips - who doesnt love synergy and compound interest !

On the whole its been an above average week - so its all good !!!

221022 sat savers.png221015 Sat Savers.png

Weekly Plan Changes

  • Just a general tidy up of the table including revising all of the reasons for chasing each goal.

Main Targets - No change from last week

  • Primary - Growing HP and delegating it to @leo.voter to increase my daily LEO income with the aim of gaining +6.66 HP per day which would give the 200 LEO needed each month for LPUD. I know I'm showing above that, but I just have a few more weeks to go to solidify that and it will be complete,
  • Secondary - Adding funds to the HIVE.SWAP:DEC pool to grow daily DEC income to help fund new splinterlands cards in order to grow my rental income. My current income target for this is +100 DEC/day - I'm at about the 48 DEC/day mark, so have quite a bit to go,
  • Tertiary - Investing into the SWAP.hive:VOUCHER liquidity pool to increase daily SPS income.

Plan for the coming week

  • I am finding that if try to work on too many main targets at a time that I spread myself and my investment too thin - so I'll keep working on just 2-3 at a time, and get them to where I need them to be before I move onto new targets - and not get distracted by other projects, card pack offers, etc, etc,
  • To make atleast one post each day to ensure a daily income of HIVE/HBD,
  • Continuing to keep active in #leofinance to provide additional LEO income, including making at least one thread per day,
  • With the price of HIVE so low I'll keep trading any HBD payouts to HIVE and be prepared for buying back into HBD when the price of HIVE rises (above $1+). I'll also continue to trade between HIVE and HBD. I have HBD sell orders in the range $0.40 to 0.44, and HBD buy orders in the range $0.53 to $0.80 - this helps to catch any spikes/dumps in HIVE or HBD including when I'm not online,
  • After each Listnerds post payout, I withdraw 3% of my total balance, and now have a weekly income stream that I sell and use to invest in other layer 2 coins and projects - although my Listnerds payouts have dropped over the last few week, hence I've reduce the withdrawal to 3% ( I was at 20% at one point),
  • I'm making sure I make better use of tags in relevant posts where I can for better curation payouts, with a focus on #archon, #alive (#aliveandthriving), #lolz, #fun, #gamer, #battle, #pgm and #ctp - as I have stakes in these,
  • I'm being a little more active in a number of specific tribe blogging interfaces to help increase my income from those tokens (eg, #meme, #ctp, etc),
  • I am now starting to delegate all LEO Power to provide a passive LEO income from that as well - I'm still in the process of choosing the final provider for that, although @india-leo is looking pretty good as they payout 100% of all curation income to delegators,
  • To delegate any remaining layer2 tokens I can to LOLZ or the cartel so that they are being put to work to earn some additional income.

Anyway, thats my summary for the week - good luck with your savings plans !!!


Interested in the Saturday Savers Club ? Check it out at @eddie-earner.

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