XV Token - purchasing into a basket 15 mainstream crypto currencies for long-term hodl gains

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3 months ago - 3 minutes read

So have you heard about the new XV token yet from @spinvest ? Its quite a neat project:

  • The tokens cost 1 HIVE each and are on sale for 10 weeks,
  • Spinvest will invest the HIVE from the proceeds into a selected basket of 15 mainstream crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, ADA, etc),
  • Those will be hodl'd for 2 years,
  • After that (June 25), the basket is sold and the XV tokens are bought back at the relative value of the crypto pot,
  • Its working on the principle that we are currently in market low, so its a good time to buy, and that after 2 years of hodling there should have been a nice increase which then gets paid out to investors when the XV tokens are bought back.

XV.png [Credit: Pic taken from the @spinvest post on the XV token published in early March 23 - here]

I quite like the concept and have started purchasing some each week. I dont have a huge amount yet but will keep buying each week with spare funds until the 10 week purchase period is up.

And heres what I like about XV and what has attracted me to buy some:

  • I've played around with mainstream crypto, but dont understand it as much as I'd want to. This way someone else can do the research and decide what gets bought, handle purchasing, etc. I dont have to worry about it - I can just sit back and let that happen,
  • Monthly reports will get issued, so I can keep track of whats happening by going to one place and get a full download. Plus @spinvest create very good reports for their other investments, so it gives me a lot of confidence of knowing that I'll get the info I need - without having to search for it or pull it together myself,
  • I think it is a good time to buy into mainstream crypto, and I would expect there to be a decent return over the two year period,
  • I really like the basket concept because its not reliant on any one coin - if one fails, then hopefully they others make up for it, etc. So its not an all or nothing scenario - I do the same with my stock investments - I buy into stock baskets (ETFs) and I never buy individual shares.

And heres the list of tokens that are going into the basket:

Quote Here are the cryptos and their share in the XV basket: Top 1-3 - BTC ETH ADA - 40% Top 4-6 - XRP BNB DOGE - 25% Top 7-10 - MATIC SOL SHIB LTC - 25% Top 11-15 - DOT FTM AVAX STX LINK - 10% NB No stablecoins or TRON

[Credit: From the @eddie-earner Saturday savers post on 18/03/23 - here]

Theres a lot to like about the tokens selected:

  • BTC and ETH are a must in my opinion being the top two crypto currencies - both at great prices currently and should do well,
  • Matic, SOL, XRP, ADA and BNB are solid tokens - all in the top 10 by market cap,
  • I've always liked DOGE and SHIB and hold these separately myself. They have the potential to really soar and for me are very interesting additions from that perspective,
  • LTC is another great coin that is used a lot for transfers on the blockchain due to its low fees, so I cant see it going away anytime soon,
  • LINK I think is undervalued at the moment, so thats a nice one to have in there,
  • FTM and STX are quite low down from a market cap perspective, 43rd and 41st respectively, so its nice to have some coins in there with good utility with room to grow,
  • DOT and AVAX are good coins with a decent pedigree.

N.B. I'm not an expert - its just my opinion. But I like that selection personally.

In summary, I really like the concept. I have wanted to put more money into mainstream crypto, and I am a long term hodler, so this works perfectly for me. It takes the thought and work out of it for me, and is good to know its been actively managed and reported on by a team that has a good track record with their other projects (EDS, SPI, etc).

So I'm looking forward to buying some more, and hopefully watch the value of the basket swell over the next 2 years !!!! The eternal crypto optimist !

You can buy XV here

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