My Hive Goals Progress - March

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As I have My Hive Goals set for this whole Year. Each month it is taking one step closer. Time is going with speed of lightning on hive. So, Time to have a look at progress made in month of March.

Also Getting Ready for the Tomorrow hive Power up Day (HPUD) to begin with a new month.

I have made two Power up this month 50Hive once (HPUD) and 50Hive more recently on hive 3rd Birthday.

So, HP jumped from 1,100 HP to currently at 1,311HP. I bought more Hive from Dip and have enough to do Power up tomorrow.

My Goal is 1600HP and it is almost there.

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Powering up more often helps to increase HP Stake and with it comes more curation value or APR that adds into stake slowly build and result's can be noticeable when there's more HP.

So will keep doing Hive power up twice at least same as HPUD amount in a month to see progress.

Increased HBD Savings

It was zero when the month of March started cuz of buying Hive in this price range under $0.5 but also 20%APR on savings is much better.

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Started increasing the HBD in savings and so far added 21HBD in savings while Goal is to make it 100HBD and will try to do it before end of April.

Powered up More LEO

I did powered Up 200 $LEO$0.068 this month and have accumulated more for the upcoming LPUD.

Also i got $LEO$0.068 (20k LP) prize delegation from last LPUD. so, have got a boost in curation value and APR doing mostly on Leothreads.

This is the progress made in march and hopefully with more Consistency and efforts in next one will try to do more better.

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