The Insane APR on Stablecoin Pair BHBD-BUSD Farm on CubFinance

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

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CubFinance is the reason I Came back into DeFi. I spent More than one year in DeFi Multiple Chains, tried many Dex and Farms.

I Left DeFi after losing my Investment keeping in Stablecoins and because of Scams and projects dying.

In this winter where everything is freezing CubFinance show me a way to grow in this bear market instead of letting my Stablecoins being freezed in cold wallet doing nothing.

CubFinance Gave me an opportunity in this bear market Omni Man Blocks Punch 25092022012129.jpg To farm at 50% APY which is 31% APR. For me it is Good enough to make Passive income instead of having no use of Stablecoin in this market condition. IMG_20220925_022209.jpg Multiplier is at 60x which means this farm produces 60 Cub per block which is highest above all of other pair farms.

A Day back when I was doing preparations to farm liquidity was at $190k around and Now it jumped to $213k. School Bus Getting Hit By a Train 25092022021044.jpg We have many choices farms pair like BHBD-BHIVE, BHBD-CUB, BHive-Cub and more.

My strategy will be to enter in stablecoin BHBD-BUSD farm because of High emissions and after harvesting rewards will start farming In BHBD-CUB or Hive farm.

Hive ecosystem and Leofinance is something giving endless possibilities to us whether it's 20% APR in HBD Saving or CubFinance Farms and any other Hive, Leo Products with utilities is truly a blessings to many.

In the end, Doing research and making financial decisions on your own is always necessary.

Hopefully those memes made you laugh or helped understanding my point of view or things in a better way.

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