Growing LEO & HIVE Power (SSC Week 8)

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Weekend is here and it's updating time with respect to our progress on the Week 8 of the Saturday Savers Club initiative. I have not been able to do a post last time so I reckon it is good to do one today. If you are wondering what SSC is about, check this post out for more details.

And here's how we are doing so far with respect to the main and secondary goals for the year:

Leo Power

It is becoming my practice to stake whatever LEO that comes in to my wallet every day and for this week, a total of 311 LEO has been powered up which is a little over 3% increase from that of the previous weekend. I have bought some from the market and the others were curation, author and delegation rewards combined.

From 1st week of January until this time, the Leo Power has grown for about 32% which to me is great already. Hope the momentum will be maintained.

Hive Power

36 HP was added in the week. If this growth remains steady, I might be able to cross the HP goal before the year ends. So from my first week in the Saturday Savers Club until now, my Hive Power has increased for about 35% which is surprisingly higher than what I have expected.

I was hoping to be consistent in creating long-form contents but life does happen and I end up losing my daily streak. Nevertheless, I still try to stay active on Leo Threads which helps in keeping my activities here on the Hive blockchain at least at a healthy level.

Meanwhile, I must confess that I have been slacking on my tasks for the LeoGlossary. I have a couple on my drafts but have not been able to finalize them. Hoping to get my act together real soon and create more social media pages or update at least one into a super page.

Anyway, cheers to a happy weekend!

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