How to Exit from SmartBCH to BSC Using Bolivar Bridge

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There might be some out there who found themselves locked up in the SmartBCH chain due to the halting of the bridges off and to the protocol, apparently by CoinFLEX.

Screenshot_432.jpg Bolivar Bridge, came out on 25th June in the BlockNG platform to facilitate exit and entry from (or to) the SmartBCH network.

How to use it?

  • Swap BCH to bcBCH at MistSwap. The price is outrageously different. It is not 1:1 ratio so you must check. At the time of this writing, 1 BCH = 0.6884bcBCH


11. To see the token (BCH) in your BSC wallet, custom add the token's **Contract Address 0x8ff795a6f4d97e7887c79bea79aba5cc76444adf.**


And now you can breath having taken out your BCH off the SmartBCH chain, if that is what you want of course. Additional info about BlockNG and the cross-chain bridge here.

I heard that CoinFLEX is planning on opening the bridges on the 30th June so personally, I'm waiting if it does happen. I did use the Bolivar Bridge twice using small amounts of bcBCH to test it. Both transaction arrived to my BSC wallet without a glitch. DISCLAIMER: None in this publication is an endorsement. Please use the bridge at your own risk.

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