Is Dropshipping easy to master?

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

Hello guys, today I want to talk about Dropshipping and how hard is it to make money with it.

First of all, let's talk about what exactly Dropshipping is:

Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment that lets you sell products without managing your inventory. You connect with dropshipping suppliers and source products to sell online. Customers checkout on your site, then you forward the order info to the supplier, and the supplier fulfills the order.

Unlike traditional online retail, dropshipping releases the merchant from having to fulfill their orders. That means you skip the stress and cost of manufacturing products, storing inventory, and shipping to customers. So what’s left for you as a dropshipper? You’ll choose products, run marketing campaigns and provide great customer service.

Now we what Dropshipping is but does it work? It requires some steps to do : -Choose products -Import items to your online store and set your prices -Accept customer orders -Forward customer orders to the supplier -Ship and fulfill orders through the supplier

Now let's Talk about each step:

-Choosing a product is the most of the game and you probably need to test plenty of products to find your „Winning Product“ and that also the hardest part where many people give up...

-Import items to your online shop is quite easy to cause with help of Shopify or other online store programs it doesn't take that much time but how to design your shop is the other problem and depends on what product you have.

-Steps 3 to 5 are kinda clear and don't need to explain that much

But how can u draw the customer's attention to your online shop?

You need to promote your shop or your products on different platforms like Google, Facebook, or Instagram with Ads.

That the most complicated part of the game to understand the algorithm of each of these platforms to get the highest Ad performance possible.

Reasons to Dropship:

Start an online store with inventory ready to go. Dropshipping makes filling your storefront simple. Choose products, add a payment method, and set up your online store.

Expand your product offering. You don’t need to limit the products you sell to your storage space or what you can manufacture.

Avoid upfront inventory costs. Production and storage costs are covered by dropshipping suppliers. That way, you can focus your budget and efforts on your website and marketing.

Operate from anywhere. Without a physical tie to your products, you can manage your dropshipping business wherever you have WiFi.

Test products and quickly adjust your inventory to the latest trends. Sourcing products from suppliers means that your inventory is flexible. If a product isn’t selling, you can easily switch to something else.

Reasons Not to Dropship:

You can’t completely control product quality. If you work with independent suppliers, it’s harder to minimize risk. However, you can make sure your suppliers are reliable by sourcing through a dropshipping marketplace like Modalyst or Spocket.

Customer service may be more difficult. Unless you have in-depth experience with the products you sell, questions may come up that you can’t answer. To solve this, make sure you have a way to communicate directly with your suppliers.

You’ll need to manage returns and exchanges. Depending on your suppliers, you may need to handle the refund process on your own as well.

Shipping costs will depend on your supplier’s location, not yours. If customers live far from where your products are warehoused, shipping will be pricier. This can also work to your advantage though. For example, if you’re located in the U.K. and your supplier is in the U.S., you’ll have better shipping rates to U.S. customers.

So as you see Dropshipping needs time and lots of experience to be successful...Just finding a winning product may cost you a couple of months and you also need to spend money to test that product for a different ad campaign.

Me personally still working on my online shops and try to find new products every day and try to improve my skills in this business.

Is it possible to make money with Dropshipping? YES Is it easy to master it and earn money? NO

Does any of you ever try to make money with Dropshipping?

With regards Iman Iranmanesh