Anticipate the Biggest PolyCUB Emission Halving in May: Expecting a Whopping -66% Drop (126/369)

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One of the most amazing and exciting moments of PolyCUB is the halving process that happens every week and month. The monthly is actually bigger than the weekly halving of the PolyCUB.


PolyCUB halving process is naturally designed by the polygon smart chain and works as means of enforcing scarcity on the token created.

Apart from the above, the PolyCUB halving process is targeted at maintaining the deflationary nature of the PolyCUB project. As time goes by, scarcity of PolyCUB reduces the expected inflation rate and this on its own leads to the sustenance and greater yielding of the project.

Talking about the PolyCUB emission halving process, the first obvious halvening chart was designed by @dalz.sports which came in two weeks after the PolyCUB airdrop launch in March.


In this first emission halving chart, we could observe that the emission rate went reduced by 50%, which is the paradigm designed by the polygon smart chain. To me the 50% emission reduction rate happens on a daily basis but isn't obviously seen until it's a week or two and probably monthly.

According to @dalz a month ago, the total emission rate of PolyCUB will be less than 6M. This is based on the 38500 blocks per day that's emitted by the polygon smart chain. Another fact to note by dalz is the fact that between the first two months the PolyCUB emission rate will reduce by 80%.

The second obvious halvening chart was designed by @onealfa and this time it became more obvious on how the chart was divided. It shows that the PolyCUB emission halving process is close to the bottom but that'll not be compared to what we're expecting in the coming months most especially in the month of May after the 60 days PolyCUB airdrop claiming period.

I had a chat with @onealfa.leo some days ago and this analysis is about what we're to expect by the next month's halving chart:

Yesterday's halving 2>1 (-50% supply shock?) is not the very biggest. (in fact it was only -40%, from 620 lastweek down to 368 tokens this week) The biggest drop will come in early May, once AIRDROP comes to an end. Compare 368.67K (Week #8) to 126K (week #10) That is a whopping -66% drop. (126/369) Yes, this time it will be not very instant, but rather diffused over one week time segment. That is a reason why I marked week #9 in RED (Airdrop END)Source

Based on @onealfa's analysis, one could observe that our surprise in the past four weeks of the PolyCUB halving chart is just be a child's play when compared to the one coming after the airdrop ends in May.

Once this happens, then we'll be closer to the bottom. What's your take on the biggest PolyCUB halving coming up in May?

Thanks for your patience in staying with me to the end of my post.

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