Hive News: TLDR

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TLDR: I like knowing how things work and share my knowledge about that and help you to find out about awesome news on Hive.

A bit more info

As you’re probably aware there is a lot going on here on the hive blockchain. So it is no strange thing that you miss out on some very interesting news.

Inspired by a post from @dkid14 about him finding out about the new splinterlands airdrop card for SPS stakers, I have decided to try to give a brief overview of interesting news on hive.

TLDR is the abbreviation for “Too Long Didn’t Read”, so that will be the focus for me.

Bullit point news, condensed to just a small paragraph.

As I find that I am often answering questions from other people about new projects, airdrops, updates to games etc, I have decided to give this a good try. I like to share knowledge and am always looking for new information.

I don’t have the illusion that I know everything, so if you know about awesome news, then do tell me in the comments and I will have a look to see if I want to include it next time.

Actual News

Splinterlands Promo Sale March 21st for SPS stakers costs only 1 Voucher per card

For every 1000 SPS you have staked you can buy 1 card for the price of 1 Voucher starting on March 21st after the maintenance window. The Sale lasts for only 7 days. It looks like a nice card and vouchers are dirt cheap, so it’s a great opportunity to increase the strength of your deck.

new tipping token: everyone needs a hug

@hannes-stoffel created @hug.bot which you can call with the command !HUG The cool thing is you can use it 1x per day even if you have no HUG tokens!

get Legion tokens for delegating hive power

Do you like to get weekly hive dividends from the LGN token created by @brofund? You can now delegate hive power to @stickupcurator to get LGN tokens in return.

MuTerra had partnered with a ton of communities on hive for a promo Tamer card.

The oneup-cartel, risingstar and brofund/legion have all been given the opportunity to give their members this card in turn for a token they choose. If you like the thought of taming mutant animals to do tactical battles with, then do check this out.