Hive News: TLDR

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###tldr: I like a lot of things and share my knowledge about that and help you to find out about awesome news on Hive.

A bit more info

As you’re probably aware there is a lot going on here on the hive blockchain. So it is no strange thing that you miss out on some very interesting news.

Inspired by a post from @dkid14 about him finding out about the new splinterlands airdrop card for SPS stakers, I have decided to try to give a brief overview of interesting news on hive.

TLDR is the abbreviation for “Too Long Didn’t Read”, so that will be the focus for me.

Bullit point news, condensed to just a small paragraph.

As I find that I am often answering questions from other people about new projects, airdrops, updates to games etc, I have decided to give this a good try. I like to share knowledge and am always looking for new information.

I don’t have the illusion that I know everything, so if you know about awesome news, then do tell me in the comments and I will have a look to see if I want to include it next time.

Actual News

Splinterlands - Soulkeep Tower defense game in closed beta

If you gave bought 500 nightmare packs, then you can get access to the closed beta of Soulkeep. No cards needed at this state, but also no earnings either.

Splinterlands-Riftwatchers airdrop card available

If you have bought any Riftwatchers packs then you have a chance to get the legendary ‘Ancient Redwood’.

Terracore - new space exploration idle game in open Alpha testing

You can now try the new @Terracore game. It is on open alpha, so it is still far from the final product. If you like trying new games and don’t mind bugs then click the link for more info.

Terracore is a one-man business, but he is putting out lots of updates. Fun fact: he is using AI generated content, rather than hiring designers and such.

Win Psyberx crates in 4-day tournament starting on March 24th

Psyberx can be downloaded to your pc from Steem. More details: @psyberx is a first-person-shooter game on Unreal engine 5 and both the LVL token and NFT’s will be used in several more games. For instance Psyberdecks, a card trading game that will come out very soon.