The Daily Leo #207 - No more Crypto Bowl, The Google of Blockchain, Celsius to raise 14M

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Crypto is dead at Super Bowl

Last year’s game was dubbed the “Crypto Bowl” after four large crypto companies -FTX, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and eToro – had purchased ad spots. At the time, crypto companies were trying to break into the mainstream. That was until November 2022, when FTX filed for bankruptcy, and Bankman-Fried wiped out his $16 billion fortune in less than a week. Recently, the SEC has been cracking down on

Super Bowl spotlight will include Apple, DraftKings, GM and Diageo

The Super Bowl is expected to be the most watched event of the year. Advertisers this year are paying as much as $7M to get in front of the +100M somewhat captive viewers. The list of advertisers is very light on crypto this year, but includes a doubleshot of alcoholic beverage companies.

Ethereum Altcoin That’s the ‘Google of Blockchain’

The anonymous host of the InvestAnswers channel tells his 441,000 YouTube subscribers in a new video that the blockchain data indexing protocol, The Graph (GRT), is the massively dominant search engine of decentralized networks. “Now [The] Graph got my attention over two years ago because it is the Google of blockchain and Web3 needs transparency.”

PayPal puts its stablecoin project on hold

Though PayPal never officially announced that project, code for a USD-backed “PayPal Coin” was discovered in the company’s application code more than a year ago. That code was shared with Bloomberg, who first reported the development in January 2022. PayPal hopes to introduce the stablecoin in the coming weeks, according to...

Bankrupt Celsius Aims to Raise $14.4 Million

The bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm is seeking to raise $14.4 million from a cache of Bitmain credits and coupons worth millions. The company intends to sell the coupons for $7.4 million and the credits for $7 million. The Bitmain coupons offer the holder a 10-30% discount on future purchases from the company, while the credits provide the owners with...

LeoThread's Potential Impact Upon Comment Count On Hive

The excitement regarding microblogging stems from the fact that we can see some insane numbers. We all know how popular Twitter is, with an estimated 500 million Tweets per day. This is a number that is truly mindblowing. This is something that Hive needs to duplicate to a degree. It might be unrealistic to expect...

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