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A blog from my flavored blogger mentioned that he invested ETH regularly and planned holding it for several years. At the time, he believed ETH will go up a lot. I thought it was a great idea, why not followed.


I bought $50 a week for several weeks already. So far the end result is not so good. I spent $100 the last two weeks, and now the balance is $90. You can see that I have lost 20% of my principal.

I am not panic of it, and I will continually invest. Later on, the same blogger said if ETH was up 20% of the average buy price, we needed to sell some portion to lower the average buy price then jumped back buying at lower cost. He mentioned the crypto market is so volatile and should not just hold it all the time.

I think it’s a good idea for me to follow what he recommended. Couple years later, I will have much more free time, so I can use this crypto as my travel money. Hope ETH can be up a lot at that time!

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