2007 Liberty Dollar

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This is the silver round that was alleged to be "counterfeit" because it contained attributes similar to US minted silver rounds.

They made the case that having "lady liberty" on the front, LIBERTY in all caps around the obverse, "Trust in God" instead of "In God We Trust" and the date on the bottom, all were designs that were intentional counterfeit.

Except even with the similarities, this round would be VERY difficult to mistake for a Silver Eagle or any other silver coin.

image.png (Notice anything funny comparing the obverse and reverse of this round? Let me know in the comments!)

Wouldn't it be great to own an inflation-proof currency? That's exactly what the Liberty Dollar was intended to be. Even if the token says "TWENTY DOLLARS" on it, the actual value (in fiat dollars) remains negotiable. If silver experiences a "extreme price move" and goes to $100/oz, then this "$20" token is actually worth 100 + collectors premium. All negotiable.

image.png http://www.libertydollar.org/index.php

The new word for people the fed doesn't like is "domestic terrorist" and we've seen what lengths they are willing to go to eliminating terrorism. But we live in a world that is not completely 1984 (yet), so there is the opportunity for vindication. While the Liberty Dollar creator was charge with 22 years of prison, he only served one year probation.


Although the Liberty Dollar never really took off the way it could have, having a relic like this is a nice addition to any collection. They are available on ebay and yes, there is a 2022 edition, even now!


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