Controlling your time is the biggest dividend money pays

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I read somewhere that the highest dividends money pays is the freedom you get to control your time. time money dividends.png Source This is not something I can argue with because the decisions I made in the last two years had only been because I had my stakes on Hive.

This gave me the freedom to choose where to live, who to work with/for, how to negotiate flexible working hours, etc.

I don't know about you but the essence of creating a buffer or emergency fund gives you the freedom to wake up tomorrow and not work for say six months. You can be free to take up a job not because of the pay but because of the lessons.

Like me, I recently took on an offline job that pays very little because I wanted to meet new people here. Last year, when I moved to Abuja, I spent the entire year inside with my Hive account. And by the end of the year, I realized I knew only a few people.

This year, I decided to take up a job that allows me to see a lot of newer people every day even when the salary only subscribes my phone for two months.

It has been working fine. And I don't often feel the pressure to work because of the money. I bring my best to the table while learning newer things or updating my memory on an older one as the day goes by.

The craziest part is how I often imagine stepping into an opportunity that will change a lot of things for me when I meet a particular person somewhere down this route.

I wake up happy, and get to bed happy, no matter how stressed out I feel. Robert Kiyosaki had advised younger people to work to learn and not to earn. In this offline job of mine, that's exactly what I am doing. I am trying to learn how the business environment works here in this city because I have a feeling I'll be opening mine in the future when my stakes on Hive have been duly accumulated.

So I watch my boss make financial decisions that move her business forward and how it works out in the end. I must confess I admire her gut feeling, they serve her well from time to time. And I am mostly always proud of her because she has good negotiating skills. A skill I am hoping I will learn well from her right before I say goodbye.

Make no mistake, I do not champion the fact that I have my buffer. Nope. I behave like everyone else. I blend in. I wear clothes that say, look I am trying to hustle, give me a hand, not clothes that say, I have more, I am just here for bla bla bla. I like anonymousity remember? And it's reflected in everything I do.

As much as I like stepping out and meeting new people using my job as an entrance, I could decide to not go anymore tomorrow and that would still be fine. I won't panic or freak out.

It's the same thing that could happen to you. When you are encouraged to save money, no one is trying to take away your spending rights from you. No, we are only asking you to plan for a future where you could wake up and feel bored about your current job/career and you want a change.

You know change is costly so you will need a backup and when you have the finances, making this U-turn will come easy to you while it will look crazy to other people.

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