Everything has a price including your desire to reach financial independence

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By now everyone in the cryptocurrency space has heard what Justin Sun did in the past, and what he is doing presently, and probably can predict what he will be doing in the future. We have all had our share of the stories that surround that name and I don't remember hearing the side of the story that came out positively.

Every story about him had a pinch, no, a pile, I mean a huge pile of financial meanness, cruelty, and controversies. The finishest part is that all of these don't seem to bother him. He will wake up the next few weeks and do whatever he likes, how he likes it, and when he likes it. He doesn't seem to care about having a good reputation, his only interest is how to make a huge sum of money even though it's to the detriment of other people

Yes, you might be hurt, upset, and could be pointing fingers, and crying your eyes out at his decision-making process but Justin will still do what has to do. He is already paying the price for all the decisions he made in the past, and present, and the price for what he will do in the future is waiting for him. are you willing to pay the price_.png Source This is a key takeaway for you. In life, there is always a price that you need to pay for everything. Some people pay this fee, others try to double-cross it, some succeed, and others don't. Some can buy enough time until their decisions catch up on them like Justin Sun. But either way, everyone pays the price of admission.

It doesn't matter how you try to avoid it, when you are starting out and learning to invest, you will be all giddy, and enthusiastic. No one will be able to explain how it will feel to watch your portfolio reduce in half until you experience it. And the price you pay for holding and waiting it out is something that you may not be duly prepared for.

But today, I am writing this blog to tell you that there is a Price for everything and if you are sure you won't have the balls to sit through it, you shouldn't step up, and say, 'Here I am, send me on this errand of gaining financial freedom for the sake of my future and that of my loved ones'.

You also need to remember that if you choose to pay the wrong price like the way Justin Sun does all the time, scandals and ugly sensations will always be your reward. I know that one is supposed to learn to court attention at all costs, but, it will only be a matter of time before a bad reputation catches up with you.

As it stands, Justin Sun is taking, the "it is better to be slandered and attacked than to be ignored" belief to the extreme, and as long as we are in this space, we will all see where this will end for him. This is because having a reputation for deceit never ends well for anyone no matter what your intentions are.

And in this space of anonymity and the likes, one's reputation is the cornerstone of power. For what it's worth, Friedrich Nietzsche said, " It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than with a bad reputation" Reputation tends to double your strength because it precedes you.

Without digressing too much, in this industry, a price or a fee is inevitable, the biggest question is, "are you willing to pay the price or will you be caught trying to dodge doing the leg work"?

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