LPUD: It's that time of the month again!

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It's the third LPUD for the year, I have two badges only and that's fine. I am not in a hurry to achieve my #leogoals. I am taking it as slowly and as steadily as possible. No pressure. It's that time of the month again!!!.png Source This month, I have powered my 150 Liquid LEO, and that makes a total of 2204 staked LEO. I am 7,796 away from hitting my 10k Leo goal for the year. I still have 9 months to make this work, I'll do my best, but not so much in a hurry.


Everyone keeps saying they wish we had automated ways of adding the glossary to their posts because they tend to forget to do so before pushing the publish button.

And we keep telling them, LeoGlossary is a Long term project, and right now automation isn't a part of it but in the future, it might be.

Right now, we need the Community's support with linking back to the glossary whether there's an automated means or not.

Crypto Vs. Fiat currency

It's not just happening to the US dollar alone, it's happening to my national currency too. The banks have been lying for so long, and right now, their lies are being spread out in the open.

The best part is while their financial lies and system are on the brink of collapsing, crypto and precious metals are holding their positions and even seeing a spike.

No one needs to tell you this... Embrace decentralized economy NOW!!!

Hive pushes 40 cents

We have seen this happen over and over again. Our Hive keeps holding and breaking at a certain line. This time, Hive held above the 30-cent line but also made a surge to break the 40 cents line.

Is the bull coming? Maybe, maybe not. But it's a bit of good advice to fill the bag if you have the means.

You might even be able to use the coming pump to stash HBD (Yes, it will soon be that time of the year again)


It's LEO power-up day, don't forget to stake at least 150 LEO and stand a chance to be massively rewarded. Besides, you will get a badge of honor from Hivebuzz. What are you waiting for? Jump in and you won't regret.

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