Protect Your Finances: Close All Loopholes When Planning with Others

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3 months ago - 3 minutes read

Today happens to be one of those days I wake up and can't seem to make up my mind on what to create content on. Like every other day, I'll go through all my inspiration channels and will discover that nothing is forthcoming. So I'll be caught thinking of returning to bed or lying awake doing nothing but staring at my ceiling. protect your money.png Source Let's give this rant time and it might turn out to be a post. What do you think? I know you think so too. And I appreciate the fact that you believe in me.

You know how they say your environment affects you somehow? It does? It doesn't. The answer is by the way.

In terms of ..... I was just about to write this line when PHCN restored power. And this is an awesome thing because my ceiling fan might probably blow some form of inspiration into me. But first things first, let's have my power bank plugged in, so I can have my reserve when PHCN decides to misbehave with the supply of power in a few days.

I think I found it. What? An angle to write upon.

Depending on other people when it comes to your finances is disastrous. Hear me out. You can never predict what the next human will do. And no longer the level of your relationship with them, they can choose to back down on, say an agreement, or throw you under the bus.

There's only one person you can trust. That's yourself. It is important to know yourself because you will be able to understand what you can and cannot do when it comes to money.

And since you can't predict what your business partner, friend, or spouse, can do, you can predict what you can do.

Therefore, when making financial plans with other people, close all the loopholes. Allow yourself to imagine what you would do if things goes south. Will you be able to stand firmly on your feet until you recover from the blow? Will you faint at the discovery that you have been thrown under the bus? Will you have the courage to face the next day?

What you would do when you face financial challenges as a result of another person's decision is important because by knowing this you can make solid plans to help you recover.

People wake up to stories of being financially backlash or backstabbed, some people survive it, and some don't. Imagine waking up to find out your partner eloped with another person using all the money in your joint account. Imagine waking to find out your partner eloped with the money he convinced you to borrow from the bank for him using your assets as collateral.

Things happen to people every day, but if you have a Plan B, you will never be caught wobbling. You need to always have your reserve in case something happens. I am not saying you shouldn't trust your business partner, your spouse, or your friend, but it should already be clear to you by now, that the only person you can trust is yourself.

So, learning about yourself will benefit you better than paying a blind eye to this way this life. As it is often said, "Man know thyself.".

And there we have it. A post for my blog today. I do hope this made any sense... Lol. Thanks for reading.

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