The quickest way to have less money is to spend it to show people how much you have

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I do not engage in a lot of exercises but there is one thing that I do so much that aids with my weight balance and tummy fat reduction..... Intermittent Fasting.

However, I do have one crazy habit that sometimes can be very funny. Whenever I engage in vigorous intermittent fasting, I am often pleased with myself but after I am done, I catch myself eating a lot of food and junk that undo all the calories I burned while fasting.

It's stupid. But I am always very hungry and feel as though I have been starving for days so I'll just gun down every grain of food without a second thought. And then I'll look at myself in the mirror and tell her, "so you just wasted your energy observing intermittent fasting and then ended up undoing it with that much food right?. Well done, Ma"

When this event happened more than once, I knew I needed to stop being vigorous with that fasting and do it in bits so my body wouldn't be craving lots of food by the time I am done.

This doesn't happen to exercise and intermittent fasting alone, it happens to my money as well. the easiest way to have less money.png Source I know I have told you how I started comparing buying Shawarma and Pepsi now, to preparing a sumptuous meal with the same amount of money. These days, I choose the latter, in the past, the former often wins. And then what happens is that I'll always feel guilty over it when I feel hungry again and I realized the Shawarma and Pepsi were instant gratifications.

Most of the time, the amount I spent on that gratification hunts me for days because I will find myself in a financial fix that I can't solve because I squandered all my money when I had it.

Where am I going with all this? Did you know the difference between rich and wealthy is how much you spend and how much you keep? Yes. The difference between how many calories I burn or accumulate is how much I eat and how much I don't. The difference between how long my money will last is in how much Shawarma and Pepsi I spent on and how much I don't.

Rich people spend money especially on things to impress those they don't even like. Wealthy people keep money and invest them in things that will improve the quality of their lives in the future.

And it is said that the fastest way to become poor is to spend money. As long as what you spent on isn't generating any revenue, then you are on your way to not having your money back. You will be $10,000 less than what you had every time you go on a shopping spree with your friends and you don't keep yourself in check.

And there's often a psychological or emotional disadvantage. When you have the money you feel happy and elated and sometimes motivated to do things you love, like the freedom I talked about yesterday. But when you have less money because you spent it all, you feel less motivated and restless. These things happen to everyone. Restlessness and anxiety become your friend and partner when your money keeps dwindling for useless reasons.

So you wake up and keep working hard at a job you don't like because you want to fill that gap. A gap that wouldn't have existed in the first place if you did not get out of your way to spend the one you earned.

The thing is the moment you begin to understand that what you have can easily be taken away from you, you will learn to be paranoid with your money. When you go out and spend too much, you attract bees and wasps alike. This is why wealthy people keep their wealth a secret.

The rich publicize their money and before you know it, someone is giving them court cases and litigations because they want a piece of the pie. A piece they did not work for but because you were busy flaunting they wanted some of that too.

You need to learn to protect your possessions, and your money and turn them into Wealth. There is no profit in careless spending and showing off. This is only the quickest way to remain poor.

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