When people buy the top they are mostly chasing performance

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When people buy at the top of the charts they are mostly chasing performance which is the more reason you should understand what game you are playing even though you may not understand why the next person is buying the top. Every investor is playing a different ball game.png Source What the world of crypto has taught me in the last few years is that everyone is playing a different ball game. You might see someone who buys the top aggressively and you join in. You may not know that he's planning to sell it off by the end of the day when the price skyrockets. For you, it might be you have a long-term outlook and you are buying to keep say, 10-40 years, buying the top would be catastrophic.

In every class in high school, we all had that student that plays at all times and never reads even during tests or exams. Yet, does well in them when it's time. We will often wonder how he or she did it. They tend to have a godlike aura because they do not struggle to read as most of us do.

But what we might not have been seeing, is the late-night candles these people burn to study. And we might not even notice that some of us understand better when we read at night and others during the day. So, our good-grade goddess could have been a night crawler, who studies at night and take the whole day off.

This is a clear example of how the world works even in the world of finance. We are all playing different games and the moment you copy another person without knowing his reasons, you could be on your way to losing money.

It is always better that you understand your, 'whys', and stick to yours than trying to copy someone whom you do not have full knowledge of why he acts the way he does.

Remember, when it comes to money decisions, a lot of factors come to play, and if you haven't been able to dissect all the factors that are making your neighbor take certain risks, it will do you good if you focus on your track and run this race to financial independence.

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