Why financial pessimist tend to have more audience than optimist

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There has to be a reason Robert Kiyosaki keeps telling us to stop listening to the news. Newspapers, headlines, and newscasters have mostly more pessimist and less optimist. If you look closely, you will find that the news outlets are full of prophets of doom.

In my country for instance, even when, Mr. Tinubu won the election, we had prophets of doom everywhere telling us how the country is going to turn worse. And the craziest thing is that you will notice a lot of people tend to pause and listen and fill in the blank spaces. But start saying that Tinubu will help restore our lost glory, and every person who supported, Mr. Peter Obi will think you are mad and may even throw stones at you. image.png Source It's a clear indication that people often choose pessimism over optimism and it's not only in the political world or discussion alone. It happens in the world of finance too. You will discover that prophets of doom like preaching the 1% drop in stocks or cryptocurrency prices in bold ink and red dripping blood-like characters. But a 1% rise may not necessarily be preached in bold letters.

Oh, should we even talk about how the rise of ChatGPT has changed the way the internet is envisioned to work in the next few years? Have you seen the news about ChatGPT? I am sure you have seen more bad news than good ones. You have seen how the media tries to sell who and who is going to lose their jobs and which company will be going out of business soon.

People tend to embrace bad news more than good news. A lot of people do not even want to hear or talk about the good plot that ChatGPT could bring to play. They would rather discuss the doom it will bring.

The reason why pessimists tend to have a broader pattern or even more disciples is that it's easy to see the signs here and now. It's a present situation that could be affecting everyone. Bad news will affect you one way or the other even though you are not a part of the people experiencing this. You may not necessarily be a stock broker or have shares in the stock market to be affected by a decline in prices. As long as the media keeps pushing it, you will start feeling as though it will affect you in some inexplicable ways.

But optimism is scarce and not taken seriously because good things take time to materialize. It will take someone or people with a long-term mindset to see how a given bad situation can be reinvented into something good. It takes such people to see that a decline in prices is an opportunity to buy more shares instead of panicking. It takes such people to see that new technology is supposed to be embraced and rebranded to serve humanity better instead of trying to shove it out of the door because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Since optimism centers around a long-term outlook and expresses the power of compounding, it's difficult for a lot of people to relate. So they will rather pay close to the present situation than what an optimist is trying to say about the future.

However, we have seen how history repeats itself in these areas. Optimism do find a way to win because, necessity has always been the mother of invention.

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