Go from 0-5000$ in 6months

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I brought nothing to the crypto space, I came with zero dollars. Came empty handed as it was basically about survival then. Often times, there are misconceptions about Blockchain and just like every new tech, people often focus more on the finance aspect of it. When I joined the space in 2019, after trying things on YouTube like how to make 1000$ daily clicking links. I started with Crypto blogging, posting just like we use regular social media and started getting paid in $ which was still very small. One thing about tokenization is that it makes it easy to get rewarded often times for using certain crypto or Blockchain solutions. From Blogging, I could do basic stuffs like getting phones, having enough cash and buying my first laptop for myself. After awhile, I moved from crypto blogging to Crypto jobs and then airdrops and Crypto trading. I didn’t start from Crypto trading and I have earned most of the cryptocurrency I own or held previously by contributing and not trading. Absolutely there is money in trading, but misconceptions about it often makes it look like you can only make it out of via trading. At one point or the other, I have ventured into things like crypto gaming (P2E), Defi and Degen trading, NFTs, Exchange tokens, Arbitrage trading and you can be a part to learn how I have helped over 100 get various crypto jobs, learn about crypto trading, NFTs, emerging trend and more importantly financial literacy understanding, history of money, concept of money, micro and macro economics etc. and I’ll be sharing these opportunities with you as we go on. Follow, share, comment and upvote if you find this worthy and wish to become financial dependent.