Guide on how to withdraw your HBD without waiting for 3.5 days

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2 years ago - 4 minutes read

Need to get your HBD and trade it to Hive for urgent purposes? Try this process to get it liquidated quickly!

Hello everyone! I hope y'all are doing well today! On this post I will be doing a guide on how to get your HBD and convert it to Hive without waiting for 3.5 days. Specially for urgent needs!

Note:The hive you get from your HBD depends on the value of hive in the market. Also I am not promoting that you withdraw your HBD daily, but it might be useful for people that need it immediately.

Now let's go and do this, this is actually very easy to do! I will make a bullet point about the things that you need to do!

  • First Step Make sure that your HBD is liquid and not in Savings. This example is from @Leofinance but there are lots of site where you can check this too like your Keychain or @PeakD and @Ecency (click them to get to their corresponding websites). You can go to your Keychain or this websites and check HBD in your wallet (make sure you are in the Hive Wallet if you are using Leofinance so you could see it).

As soon as you have that confirmed or if you are certain already that you have liquid HBD, you can proceed to the 2nd step!

  • Second Step Go to @Hive-engine.com, and then go to your Wallet. It should be on the very top of the page. You can click your Wallet and it will take you their.

That will be all for our guide, I made this guide because we got some questions like this one on our discord server. I hope this helps a lot of people, especially those who are new to the @hiveblockchain, just like me.

See you all on my next post 😍

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