Check out the SEXY new HIVE DEX

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Check out the SEXY new HIVE DEX

Hi Friends,

Did you see the new Hivedex.io at ( https://hivedex.io/ ) made by @mahdiyari ? If not, drop what you are doing and go check it out!


If you don't know what a DEX is, Is short for a decentralized exchange (or DEX) is a crypto-asset exchange that operates without a central authority.

It enables users to securely and quickly buy, sell, and trade digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies. DEXs are important to the crypto ecosystem because they provide an efficient and secure method for users to manage their assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, DEXs offer greater transparency and privacy, and are protected against malicious attacks and other security threats. Furthermore, DEXs are decentralized, meaning that there is no single entity controlling the exchange. This provides users with more control over their funds, as well as eliminating third-party risk. DEXs also offer a variety of unique features.

HIVE has a great one already located here : https://hivehub.dev/market/advanced


I have nothing but praise for Hivehub.dev, (For real, 100% love to them) and have had great success trading on the platform. However, I did find that certain features were missing, such as an accessible trade history, which I believe to be a crucial element for an effective trading platform. The lack of this feature made it difficult to keep track of my trades and analyze performance. I hope to see this feature added in the future, as it would make Hivehub.dev even more appealing to traders.

Why I like hivedex.io

I found https://hivedex.io/ to be an incredibly user-friendly platform. It has a lightweight design, allowing it to load quickly, and it has some nice sliders for setting up trades. These sliders make it easy to customize trades and quickly adjust them as market conditions change.

I also appreciated the fact that it shows my trade history so that I can easily keep track of my transactions.


Overall, the design of https://hivedex.io/ is intuitively designed with a sole focus on trading. In contrast, https://hivehub.dev/ is more comprehensive, providing a wide range of functions related to the HIVE blockchain, such as governance, integration tools, and other utilities. For users who are focused on trading, the streamlined design of Hivedex.io makes the trading process quick and efficient. For users who need additional functions, HiveHub.dev provides an easy to use dashboard to access the full range of HIVE blockchain services.

In summary, both https://hivedex.io/ and https://hivehub.dev/ are great options for those looking to swap HIVE/HBD pairs. Both offer reliable and user-friendly services and provide the necessary tools to make their transactions as smooth as possible.

It is always beneficial to have multiple options available when it comes to trading, and hivedex.io offers an additional option for those looking to make their swaps. Furthermore, hivedex.io is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with an interface that is pleasing to the eye and provides a great user experience. All in all, hivedex.io is a great tool to use, and you should go check it out!

I'd like to extend a big thank you to @mahdiyari for creating this amazing tool. Their dedication to the project is remarkable, and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress they make in the future. If you'd like to learn more about the tool and the development process, you can read their kick-off post here: It's an inspiring piece of work, and I'm sure it will be of great use to many people.

Thank you, @mahdiyari, for all the hard work you've put into this project!

Cheers and Happy Trading!


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