Access Protocol Airdrop Is Live! Did You Turn Your Candies Into Cash $$$?

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Two months ago I wrote about the Access token aidrdrop that you can claim with your CoinGecko candies. If you did just that, check your wallets because it has already been distributed!

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A few months back CoinGecko and Access Protocol enabled Candie collectors to convert some of their sweets for tokens. The best offer was 11K candies for 5K ACS tokens but it turned out to be a bit more.

The initial deal was that your tokens are locked for a year and you earn staking rewards from the CoinGecko pool on Access but they decided to be a bit more generous. If you redeemed 5K tokens with Candies you also got about 8.5K ACS liquid tokens as a bonus. These are in your registered Solana wallet right now.

Trading and Staking

The token itself got a ton of attention and a few big listings on day 1. Coinbase, Bybit and KuCoin listed ACS on the day of the launch at $0.00035 per token with a market cap of $35M. At the time of writing, ACS it trading at about $0.015 wich is a substantial increase in price but it seems there is room for more.

On KuCoin, ACS reached a high of $0.032. At the peak your bonus was worth about $300 but as of right now that value is down to less than half of that.

The big question is, should you sell?

I don't like giving financial advice but I personally did sell about 30% of my tokens and am prepared to buy back if we reach $0.01 again. This thing has an outrageous market cap of $1.43B but we are talking about crypto here. Anything is possible...


Staking Rewards

Your staked rewards can be viewed on the Access dashboard. Staked tokens earn rewards and this is what they look like after two days of staking.


Access is also adding new creators that bring new benefits for those that are willing to stake and lock up more tokens. For example,the most recent addition requires you to lock 2K tokens but you get exclusive access to NFTs and other perks.

In general, Access seems to be getting a lot of recognition from bigger names in the industry but you should always DYOR and make assumptions for yourself. It is way too early to assume if this token is fairly valued by the market or not.

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