Nighty Wallet Airdrop Is Happening In Two Days On Solana. Are You Prepared?

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

I mentioned this airdrop last week but a reminder is always good, especially when the drop is just two days away. Here is all of the available info that I gathered so far:

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How To Be Eligible?

According to the latest post from the team behind this wallet, all you have to do is install their app and have a tiny amount of SOL in your wallet at the day of the airdrop. This is for claiming purposes and some other transaction fees that may be required.


Nighty is available on four browsers and as a mobile app. Downloading any of those versions and depositing as little as 0.1 SOL in that wallet should already check all of the boxes for eligibility.

Is It Safe?

I can't tell you that but I can point you in some directions where those answers may be found.

I went through their Twitter profile and it seems that there was a lot of activity before any airdrop news was even in the air. At least we can assume that this is a genuine project based on social media activity but we shouldn't stop there.

Their GitHub repositories show a lot of activity throughout 2022. I'm no coding expert but based on activity alone it seems some serious work is being put into this.

The Crhome extension has already been downloaded 50K+ times and the mobile app is on the play store. At least some security checks were performed by Google before any of these were available for download.

None of this is proof that we won't be scammed for our SOL tokens but at least we have something to work with. As far as I am concerned this one seems like a safe bet but you should always DYOR and do some digging on their linktree.

What Tokens Are We Getting?

This is a question with no answer as far as I know. There were some teaser tweets where they mentioned a multiple-token airdrop, meaning that we won't be getting one but many more tokens.

I'll just keep it simple - expect nothing and be grateful for anything you may eventually get.


The airdrop is happening on January 19th on the Solana blockchain. You still have plenty of time to prepare.

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