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a year ago - 2 minutes read

Seeing people quickly pick sides on this one just goes to show that the propaganda machine is indeed working flawlessly. I even found myself glued to the news for hours informing myself on events that have nothing to do with me.

Also, after some research, I realized that this conflict has been going on for almost 10 years now and we have absolutely no clue who is on the right side here.

Putin's claims actually make sense, if you look at them from a neutral standpoint. NATO wants Ukraine to join the allegiance while Russia doesn't want NATO installations so close to their borders.

If you really think about it, what would the US response be if a pro-Russian organization installed military bases in Canada and Mexico? It's the same thing imo and I'm 100% sure that the response would be exactly the same.

Also, NATO has a very bad rep when it comes to respecting agreements and sovereignty of independent countries. They bombed a handful of countries on the same premise as Russia and I never saw a single person protesting against those because the western media labeled them as acts of freedom against dictatorship or communism.

The fact that the EU will be blocking broadcasts of pro-russian media should be seen as an act of censorship yet people cheer for it for some weird reason...

As already mentioned, I followed the news closely over the past 3 days. I wanted to see how large the contrast between Russian and western media is and the discrepancy is just insane. Both are spreading massive lies.

All I can say is that we have absolutely no clue what is going on over there but the rug pull is definitely coming.

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