Scroll and MUX Free Airdrop Hunting Guide - Two Birds With One Stone

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Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum and is currently in pre-alpha. During this time you can test the chain and possibly secure a small airdrop allocation if it does happen in the future.

With this guide, you won't be only interacting with Scroll but with MUX as well, a perpetual DEX built on top of Scroll. Both of these require no funds to interact with.

Here is how to get started.

Scroll Testnet Guide.jpg

Metamask Setup

You can either go to the prealpha page and add the networks automatically. To add them manually use the instructions below.

You will need to add two networks to your Metamask wallet - Scroll L1 Testnet and Scroll L2 Testnet. Click on the "add network" button, on the next window select "add network manually" and enter the following:

Scroll L1 Testnet:

RPC - https://prealpha-rpc.scroll.io/l1

Chain ID - 534351

Currency Symbol - TSETH

Block Explorer URL - https://l1scan.scroll.io/

Click "save" and you are done.


Do the same for Scroll L2 Testnet:

RPC - https://prealpha-rpc.scroll.io/l2

Chain ID - 534354

Currency Symbol - TSETH

Block Explorer URL - https://l2scan.scroll.io/

Claim and Bridge funds

Switch your network to Scroll L1 in your Metamask wallet and go to the Scroll prealpha faucet. Connect your wallet and claim the free test tokens. You can do this once every 24 hours.

Once the funds are in your wallet go to the bridge and send them to Scroll L2.


Send your TSETH first and then also send the TSUSDC that you received. The transactions will take some time to complete but once they are done switch to the Scroll L2 Testnet and do a few swaps on the swap page.


You can swap ETH for USDC a few times and vice versa. After you had enough it's time to move to MUX.

MUX Testnet

Connect your wallet on Scroll L2 Testnet and open a few longs and shorts. For example do a 10X long with 0.1 ETH and a 10X short with 0.1 ETH.


Once you are done with longs and shorts click on "liquidity" and then "Buy/Sell MUXLP".


Spend some of your ETH on MUXLP tokens and you are done.

Stay Up To Date

Follow Scroll and MUX Protocol on Twitter and try to stay up to date. It would also be best if you could perform these actions once a week and add them into your weekly routine. For now there is no talk about an airdrop nor do we have any clear instructions or requirements.

To never miss an airdrop again consider joining the Leo Airdrop Hunters Discord server. Hunting with frens is always more fun.

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