StarkNet Airdrop Hunting - Qualify For 3 Airdrops In 10 Or Less Transactions

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

If you missed out on the Optimism airdrop then StarkNet should be your next target. While still in Alpha this ZK-Rollup is making waves and raising a lot of cash. In November they raised $200M and deployed the contract for the STRK token but it is yet to be distributed.

If you want to be the first in line for this distribution, among many others, here is how you can potentially qualify for 3 airdrops on StarkNet.

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Keep in mind that this is a mainnet airdrop strategy so you will need about $10 of ETH or WETH to get started.

Get Argent Wallet

Argent is available on Chrome so the first step would be to install it and create a new wallet.

Once you set it up, go to Orbiter Finance and bridge your funds.

Bridging to StarkNet

Orbiter let's you send funds to StarkNet from almost any chain. Just buy WETH (or ETH if you are on mainnet) and connect both your Metamaks and Argent to the Orbiter website.

Select the network from which you are sending and enter the amount of ETH/WETH you want to send to your Argent wallet.



You will have to pay about $1 in bridging fees and wait for up to two hours. This highly depends on the network but most of the time it will take just a few minutes.


Argent NFT Giveaway Entry

Argent has no token and using it is already a bonus toward a potential future airdrop. What you can also do is enter their NFT giveaway. The website looks sketchy AF but here is a tweet from their official account just so you can confirm that it is an official website.


Connect your wallet and sign the transaction. Once it is done you will be entered into the pool and your job here is done.

JediSwap Interactions

JediSwap is no different than any other DEX you probably interacted with so just do a few swaps and provide liqudity if you feel like it. You can use the Zap function to deposit directly in a pool but I would swap manually so you get more interactions with the platform.


StarkNet is slow most of the time so give your transactions a few minutes to get confirmed. This one requires a lot of patience but such is the life of Alpha testers.

Bonus Drop - Starknet ID

IDs and domains became an integral part of every blockchain and StarkNet is no different. For now, StarkNet ID seems like the only palce where you can mint your ID or a domain name.

Minting an ID is free so I would recommend minting at least one. The transaction fee is about $0.3 so that's the actual cost of one ID.

Domains are optional but if you do go for one the cheapest option is a 1-year deal which costs about $10 in ETH.


Keep Coming Back

Having more transactions and interacting with blockchains regularly is always a "secure" way to get included in future airdrops. Try to come back to StarkNet weekly or at least once a month becasue their token won't stay undistributed forever.

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