StarkNet Testnet Airdrop Hunting Guide - Qualify For 7 Potential Airdrops In One Go!

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4 months ago - 3 minutes read

It has been a while since we visited StarkNet but that is why we will be covering many possible airdrops in this guide.

Grab your shovels and let's get to digging.



All of these apps are on the StarkNet Goreli testnet but to interact with them you will need some test ETH. On top of that you will need a Metamask wallet and a StarkNet-compatible wallet like Braavos or ArgentX.

  • Go to the Goreli faucet, create an Alchemy account if you don't have one, and claim 0.2 Goreli ETH. You can do this once every 24h but 0.2 should be more than enough for now.

  • Bridge your ETH over to StarkNet Goreli using the Starknet bridge.


Make sure that you are sending from ETH to StarkNet and that both your Metamask and ArgentX/Braavos wallets are connected to the bridge.

The testnet seems to be running smoothly today so this process shouldn't take more than a minute or two. If you are doing this on a busy day some patience will be required.

Once your funds have arrived on StarkNet it's time to start hunting. Use the Earn3 testnet airdrops list and select StarkNet. You can interact with all of these protocols in about 10 minutes or so.


Start Testing

Start with Starkswap because it ties directly into Ironfleet.


Swap a little ETH to USDC or DAI and pool them together. Leave some stablecoins in your wallet for later steps.

Mint 100 LAN and 100 BAR tokens. Pool them together on Starkswap, add any other liquidity pair if you want to, and mint another 100 LAN tokens before you leave.

Move to Ironfleet and deposit your LAN tokens in the vault.


Wait for the transaction to get confirmed and then click on "depart" before you move on to the next protocol.

Your next stop is StarkDefi

For now, it only allows swapping tokens and adding liquidity. Exchange some of your ETH for a stablecoin or WBTC and pool them by adding liquidity to the exchange.

More features will be added in the near future. If you completed a swap and added liquidity there is nothing more to do here so let's move along.

Go to xBank and deposit some tokens into the protocol. You can use some leftover stablecoins from your Starkswap activities.


Borrow any currency from the protocol using your deposit as collateral and you are done.

Move on to Aplha Road

This is yet another protocol where you are only able to swap and pool tokens for now. Do that in the same way you did with previous swaps and your job is done here.


Our last stop is ZkLend

This is another lending protocol that I already covered a few months ago but revisiting it is always good. Supply some of your ETH or leftover stablecoins, take out a loan using them as collateral and your Starknet testnet journey for today is complete.


Bonus Info - Influence "Test-To-Earn" program ends soon

According to this tweet almost 50% of rewards from phase 3 have been mined so far. There is still a lot to compete for so if you want to test an asteroid mining game on StarkNet this is your chance.

You can use the same wallet as for the dapps above. Airdrop for testers is confirmed and your allocation will depend on the amount of "Sway" you earn during the testing phases. More info can be found here.

To test the game go here and connect your ArgentX wallet. If you need help with gameplay join their Discord server and follow the guides.

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