Taiko Testnet Airdrop Hunting Guide - Zk Rollup Race Is Heating Up

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

Taiko advertises itself as a fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup.

In short, Taiko scales Ethereum in a way that, both technically and non-technically, mimics Ethereum as closely as possible.

More specifically, Taiko is an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, scaling Ethereum by supporting all EVM opcodes in a layer-2 architecture that is decentralized, permissionless, and secure.

You can read more about it in the official docs.

Let's move on to the testing part.

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Wallet Setup

We are interacting with a testnet so you won't need any funds in your wallet. Go to this page and add Ethreum A1 and Taiko A1 to your wallet.


Go to the faucet page and claim some Ethereum.

You will need a Twitter account for this step.


Click on the "Make a tweet" button and replace the default address with your wallet address. When you tweet that copy the URL of the tweet and paste it into the box. Click on "Give me Ether" and select one of 3 options.

Do the same with the Taiko Testnet Faucet because you will need ETH on both networks later.

After a few seconds the funds should arrive into your wallet. Once again, I would remind everyone that you should only use burner wallets for airdrop hunts.

Better safe than sorry.

Bridge Your Funds

Go to the bridge and connect your wallet.

Send some ETH from Ethereum A1 to Taiko A1


When the funds arrive you will need to claim them by clicking on the "transactions" tab.


Repeat the same process from Taiko to Ethereum by clicking on the arrow icon on the bridge page. This will swap the networks and holepfully automatically swap the network on your Metamask as well.


One last thing you can do is claim some HORSE tokens from the faucet on the bridging page and send them between networks as well. Swap from ETH to HORSE and click on the "Faucet" button. Claiming is only available on the ETH side.


Click on "Mint" and they will be added to your wallet. Bridging them is the same as you did with ETH.

Final Steps

There isn't much more to do on Taiko for now but if you are an advanced user you may consider deploying a contract or running a node.

If you have feedback to provide or questions to ask consider joining their Discord server.

Staying up to date with development and having some activity on the chain every week is highly recommended. Taiko is still in alpha and there will be a lot of opportunities to get included in a potential airdrop in the future.

If you are too lazy for all of that you can always join the Leo Airdrop Hunters Discord server and get notified about new airdrop hunts every day.

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