The Ultimate Airdrop Hunting Tool Is Here - EARN3 Is a Game Changer

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

While browsing the interwebs yesterday I came across a game-changing tool for all of the airdrop hunters out there. Everything we were doing manually all these days is so elegantly automated with EARN3. Here is a quick look.

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What Is EARN3?

For a while now Airdrop Adventure was one of my main sources for alpha info on airdrops but little did I know that they are working on EARN3 and that they will change the game completely.

EARN3 is a very simple tool that makes airdrop hunting easier and faster for everyone. It helps you find the best airdrop opportunities, sort them in groups, and set reminders for yourself through to-do lists and many more options.

The app has a free and paid version but even if you go with the free option you will get so much value out of it. All you need to start using it right now is an email address.

Best Features

When you get a glimpse of the dashboard everything will be self-explanatory but here are some things I find very interesting.


EARN3 has separate lists for testnet and mainnet airdrops which already makes things incredibly simple. Instead of overwhelming you with information they only provide you with the essentials.


As you see in this example above, if you wanted to test Starkswap this would be all the info you need but I do see potential issues for first-time users that don't have that much experience with testnets.

My advice would be to first visit the faucet page and claim test funds on all possible chains before starting with hunts. This saves you a lot of time in the long run. Again, these features are all available in the free version.


There are multiple options for paid subscriptions.


Those who purchase one get access to many more features and tools. Premium airdrops and daily/weekly strategies are only available to paid members. You would also get access to curated lists of confirmed airdrops and up-to-date info on any upcoming airdrops that you can qualify for.

If you are an active airdrop hunter there is no question about it, this one is well worth the price. Even a monthly subscription of $17 will probably give you 100x back in value.

It is worth noting that you won't only discover airdrop opportunities, but you will have access to dapps on testnets that are yet to launch their product. This is free alpha with zero research.

On the other hand, if you are doing airdrop hunts for fun every now and then it is probably best to stick to the free version for a while.

Those that may consider purchasing a subscription can use the code GENESIS10 for a 10% discount. If you also use my referral link you will get no extra benefits but this frog will be happy.

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