Getting better returns for your Hive and HBD on CubFinance

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9 months ago - 1 minutes read

Hello Everyone,

Quite a day it was in the Crypto Market with BTC and rest of market taking a beating with market capitalization shedding 6.09% of it's value resulting in valuation sitting below the 1 Trillion Dollar mark.


Despite all this is great to see Hive doing okay and the HBD living to it's original design by staying within the dollar. Times like this proves why we must more hold stable coin has it helps in taking advantage of the Dip.

At times like this where the market isn't favorable, it is all about maximizing the returns with less risk. For Hive users, the cubDefi offers best returns for our two precious tokens with the farms related offering APR as much as 56.79%


It is worthy to the note the V2 vault launch that happened sometime last month introduced three new farms with bHBD-CUB, bHIVE-CUB and bHBD-bUSD with APR of 47%, 56.79% and 24.38% respectively.

Looking for a platform to get the best of return for your Hive or HBD? Look no further CubFinance got you. The sister platform PolyCub is also a great place has it offers similar returns

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