My Hive Goals for 2023

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

It's a few days since the new year has started and I wanted to figure out exactly what my own goals will be. Compared to last year, I want to make sure they are a little bit more focused so that I don't have to worry about other things.

My goals


My goal here is 8.5k HP and it's something that I want to grow here on the blockchain. It allows me to increase the voting weight and increases the RCs that I can have. When Hive really takes off and resource credits (RC) are scarce, I can always delegate out my RCs for a return but there isn't a demand yet for that. For now, those RCs are being used to claim account creation tokens but that generally takes a while. I should be able to claim them more frequently as I increase my HP staked. In order to get this, I need about 275 HP per month and I think this should be possible.


My goal here is 2.2k HBD because there is a 20% APR in the HBD savings. I saved a lot of HBD last year but with the price of Hive dropping, I feel that I should drop the amount that I need to be more reasonable so that I have more Hive for HPUD or LPUD. I am expecting to put in around 40 HBD per month to reach this goal and I believe that is an amount that won't affect me too much.

LEO Power

My goal here is 7.7k LEO Power. I won't go into too much detail but you can read my LEO goals for 2023 for more details. LeoFinance is the place that I visit the most so I definitely want to increase my stake there and I believe that 321 LEO per month should be possible. Any extra LEO might go towards CubFinance but I am not sure if I will have that much spare LEO. If I am behind on this goal, I plan to use some of the HBD and other HE tokens I have to make up the difference.


These are my goals for 2023 and I think that these are some reasonable goals to reach. There may be some side goals but I haven't thought of them clearly yet but I might only try to do that when I have made sufficient progress on these three main goals.

Have you set goals for 2023?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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