Splinterlands: Brawls Report

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2 months ago - 3 minutes read

Splinterland Brawls are a guild event where you can earn merits and SPS. By reviewing the results of the brawls, it reminds me to sign up for the brawls because I have forgotten to sign up a few times

Brawl fights

There were 4 fights that I won and 3 that did not submit their match. So I included an idea of what the match was below along with a few thoughts about it.

image.png You can find the first match here. I honestly thought that I would have lost this match but somehow, I managed to get a win. It was a close fight and my flying magic monster managed to dodge enough attacks for me to win.

image.png You can find the second match here. I lost this match and my opponent just had the superior lineup. Especially since he has that bloodlust monster because those stacks can get dangerous fast.

image.png You can find the third match here. I won this match without too many issues because my opponent didn't have as much damage on his side and I also had a healer. It was a smart strategy for him to place a ranged monster where it won't get countered but I think more damage is a good choice.

image.png You can find the fourth match here. I lost this match and I have to say that I didn't have much luck. It was a really close match and it came down to 1 monster each on both sides. If his flying monster did miss one more time, I would have won. The taunt combo was tough and it did suck up most of my attacks during the first turn and earthquake took out my bloodlust monster early.

image.png You can find the fifth match here. It was a pretty good match and I did miss quite a few attacks due to the low speed on my monsters. I did win out in the end and the bloodlust was quite nice. With it, my card could heal up each round and survived enough to help me out.

image.png You can find the sixth match here. I won this match without too many issues. I didn't have a golden Tarsa so I went with a soul bound summoner and I think it was the right choice. In the end, going for the support lineup and negating the armor was a good choice and the bloodlust reach monster is a beast.

image.png You can find the seventh match here. I lost this fight and my opponent demolished me. I thought that using a bunch of flying monsters was the best choice but the blast from yodin was way too much for me and his monsters were way faster than my own cards. So there wasn't much I could do at all.

Brawl Result

image.png I have won 4 out of my 7 matches and I forgot to screenshot the guild results before it opened up for sign ups. I can still see how much I earned from the guild chat log because there is a system message there but I can't get back the rest. From the stars earned, I believe we ranked around the same place as last time so it would be rank 4 or 5 out of 10 in the 2 star category. As I said before, my guild doesn't fill all of our brawls and there are a few spots unfilled and those tend to be the gold foil brawls. I specifically chose to go along with the gold brawls so the other guild members have a better chance in their own brawls.


I think doing 7 fights for 1,500 merits and 14.432 SPS as a pretty good reward for the effort. It's a good way to earn more merits and SPS compared to ranked battles and it wasn't a bad result at all. I won more than half of my matches and that tends to be my average. I am not sure how the rewards are split up because I got more merits but less SPS this time around compared to last time.

Are you taking part in Guild Brawls?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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