How did I win this battle? Unexpected Win.

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Joe Abraham
@joeabraham3 months ago
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Today I will share a battle that maybe I was not supposed to win. However, I won this battle even though the enemy team had many powerful cards because of the cards I selected and placed in the right position. Through this post, I will do a battle analysis. I'll present my lineup. For some reason, I included monsters in the team. I will also present how the monsters of my team performed.


Let's get him started.

There were a total of three rules in the battle. These are Even Stevens, Aimless, Fire and Regret. Because of these rules, I could only use monsters with even mana cost in battle, and because of Fire Regret, I did not include any Ranged attacking monsters in my lineup. The mana limit for this battle was 39.

Delwyn Dragonscale

I used a dragon summoner in this battle. I included the dragon summoner in the team mainly because it has a higher level than other summoners. Also, since I plan to battle with magic-attacking monsters, I preferred Delwyn Dragonscale over other summoners.


Flesh Golem

I included the Flesh Golem in the team because of its healing ability. And the level 7 Flesh Golem I used had a magic attack voidability. Since the battle rule has the Fire and Regret rule, I thought the opponent team would have more magic attacking monsters. And with this thought in mind, I added Flesh Golem to the team and put it in the first position.


Furious Chicken

My rented cards didn't have many even mana-cost monsters, so I added Furious Chicken to fill the 6th spot in my lineup. And I placed it in 2nd position.


Goblin Psychic

Goblin Psychic is a fantastic monster. It had Tank healing, Affliction and Silence ability. I included it in the team because of tank heal and silence ability.


Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph also had Tank Heal ability. It also had a Strength ability that increased the health points of one of my party's monsters. I included it in the team so that its Tank Heal can heal the health of my monsters.


Chaos Dragon

Chaos Dragon is one of my favorite monsters among the high mana-costing monsters. Its blast ability and scattershot ability can change the momentum in any battle at any time. I placed it last so that it could show its power longer.


Spirit Shaman

The main reason to include Spirit Shaman in the team is its stun ability. It can attack and stun a monster. And it also had Divine Shield.


Battle Link

The moment the battle started, I thought, why is it impossible for me to win this battle? Because the opposing team's lineup was much stronger than mine.

And besides, from Round 1 to Round 5 of the battle, the monsters of the opposing team dominated the entire round. From Round 1 to 5, I lost half of my team's important monsters. However, at the end of round 6, when my team's Goblin Psychic Afflicted the opposing team's Kron The Undying and removed the healing ability, I realized that the opposing team may not be able to win this battle easily.

After that, when I lost to Goblin Psychic in Round 9, I still thought I might not be able to win this battle. However, the opposing monsters could not harm it due to Flesh Golem's magic voidability.

From Round 9 to Round 21, my team's Flesh Golem continued the battle alone and single-handedly killed the remaining monsters.

It can be seen from this battle that higher-level monsters cannot always win the match. And my winning heroes are Goblin Psychic and Flesh Golem.