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It's a pity my SPS stake isn't where I want it, with just approximately 9.5k, I only qualified to buy 9 copies of VRUZ. It feels great to be rewarded for staking SPS this way. I have been accumulating SPS, so I easily did the purchase.

I did a level up to level 2, I will be purchasing more when the madness over the price have subsided, it is currently selling for $0.52 the Regular Foil copy and $7.43 for the Gold Foil. The prices I feel are quite high so I expect it to drop in the future.


VRUZ comes with Sneak ability and at level 5 it gains the Martyr ability which I think is exciting, phew! I wish I can do an upgrade already.

Not to ignore the speed, it has got an impressive speed beginning with 4, VRUZ gains an extra melee damage from level 8 and no monster can evade VRUZ'S attack from max level with the True Aim ability.

I think we have got an exciting card added to the game here and it is going to cause problems for opponents.


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