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It was a good outcome for the Guild as we came third this time out and usual partaking in the Brawls comes with the Merit and SPS goodies. Every bit of these token add up, I was able to buy 2 Gladius Cases.


As seen above I lost 3 battles and won 5 which is fairly okay, I had thought my performance will be worse after seeing that I lost some battles earlier on.

Aside QUORA, CAPTAIN KATIE is another one of my favorite Gladius card and I am sometimes conflicted which one is my most favorite amongst the two, thankfully they are different elements so I don't have to worry about selection.

KATIE had a good performance in this battle, the Snipe magic ability often comes very useful when attacking low health enemy and this time the first strike was a hit that triggered the Bloodlust.


Luckily I pulled a Fire Legendary Gladius card FINA VOXOM, with impressive stats, a card I will look into in details some other time.


What Doesn't Kill You image.png



Luckily I got two summoners copies of PEMBROOK NYMPH which is now about 3 copies short of level 3. These soulbound summoner cards are getting a lot interesting by the day.


I tried my luck with the Riftwatchers pack and it was fairly good a I pulled a Dragon summoner STHISPA.

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