Tis But Scratches Melee Monsters

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It was a Melee Mayhem that presented the opportunity to go at each other with melee attacks, though, unlike my opponent, I had magic monsters in my lineup but the intention was to go against my opponent with melee as well.

I came up against a very powerful opponent but an opponent that was focused only on the attack without defense and that is when I get to punish such opponents. Let's look at how I got away with the victory.

The Summoners

I had AGOR LONGTAIL as my Tank with Taunt ability, a similar strategy was also deployed by my opponent. In addition to AGOR'S Taunt ability are Flight and Void Armor abilities. To get more melee damage out of AGOR, it gained a double Inspire ability from friendly monsters which we look at shortly and from this AGOR got more destructive power.

I placed ARKEMIS THE BEAR in the second spot in my lineup, it provides defense for the team with the Protect ability giving friendly monsters +2 Armor protection, and of course, no monster wants to be hit by ARKEMIS due to the Halving ability.

Reducing the melee damage of my opponent gives me a better chance of winning the battle so DISINTEGRATOR in the third spot comes in with Demoralize ability in addition to summoner CAMILA SUNGAZER -1 Melee on enemy monsters. A similar card HARKLAW was used by my opponent but it was less damaging on my lineup with my double Inspire cards.

In the fourth spot in my lineup is DEMENTED SHARK with the Inspire ability, with my melee monsters gained +1 melee damage and being a Melee Mayhem, DEMENTED SHARK can attack from any position.

With all attacks on AGOR, RIVER HELLONDALE made it to my lineup for the Resurrection and Inspire ability it brings to the team, the Resurrection ability gave AGOR a second chance in the battle and no monster deserves to be fighting a resurrected AGOR.

Like ARKEMIS THE BEAR, VENARI WAVESMITH comes with a Protect ability as well. Looking at my lineup in detail, there is a double Demoralize, Inspire, and Protect. Going against my opponent with a strategy like this gave me the edge to be defensive and very damaging with attacks while reducing the damaging power of my opponent.

It feels good when I do this successfully.


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